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Tuesday morning

The long Easter weekend was good. I had a four day weekend from job number one, and only worked two mornings for job number two. Managed to get a sunburn, strategically move rocks around the yard, eat a lot of 7-layer dip, drink some wine, actually read a book, watch some movies, and hang out with two cats, a dog, and a Justin.

I like being at home during the day. Not in a housewifely way. More in a geez-it's-peaceful-here-with-sunlight-pouring-through-the-windows-and-the-
windchimes-ringing sort of way. I think there are still a few raw spots within me, and I soak up quiet sunny afternoons thirstily. I feel hungry to sit at a kitchen table with a cup of tea, or to wander through a flea market looking for a blue mason jar. Watching tree limbs dance outside the window for two solid hours soothes me unbelievably.

Wednesday morning

So Monday I mailed off my sizeable tax payment. I've had it sitting on the kitchen table for over a month, all ready in its envelope. Dreading actually mailing it. I was feeling a little stressed about it--I would have been fine, but things weren't going to be exactly comfortable. This morning I checked my bank account, and saw an extra deposit. I contacted pay roll, who told me it was a bonus.

The bonus was the exact same amount as the tax payment.


I was evaluated at work yesterday, and received pretty good scores. I received all ones (the highest rating) and a few twos. My favorite was the checked box next to "Exceptionally well-groomed." I also enjoyed "Produces work of the highest quality; exacting and meticulous." (If "well-groomed" means an occasional dubious choice of tshirts and boots, and "produces work" means "stares blankly out of the window," then yes, I am the PERFECT EMPLOYEE.) My contract is being reviewed for next year, but only for part-time. Grant funded, of course. (Someday I would like to have just one job, that is not grant funded and not constantly having its existence debated.) But my boss told me she didn't want to lose me, she told the big man in charge she didn't want to lose me, and so they're trying to "work something out." I should know more in about a month.

In other news, the gallery, where I have been repeatedly asked to work full-time over the summer (my other job is only during the school year) now probably can't afford to hire me full-time. My gallery boss said I could work "as much as she can afford." Which is sketchy. I need less vague answers than that, so I can look about for something to supplement my income. Especially since Justin has the very cool but very time consuming mandatory non-paid internship all summer.

I'll feel better when things are all settled.

In the meantime, I'll focus on the magical, lucky, and well-timed appearance of that bonus.

Also, on the ridiculous dream I had last night. Where the St. Louis crew and I had a pet seal, and took him to a huge zoo in Arizona which had a "seal kennel."

Which looked suspiciously like my hometown's swimming pool, but with cages in it.

Where's Friday, again?

black sheeped


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