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Good Weekend

5:36 p.m.

It's been a good weekend. Friday I got a bonus, went to a one dollar booksale, opened a savings account with my bonus, was asked to be in a show, I came home from work and Justin had made me lunch and there were roses waiting in a beer mug.

Yesterday I got some art done and didn't clean the house.

Today I got some art done, didn't clean the house, realized oh-geez-I-really-have-taught-the-dog-to-dance, and saw the terrible, delightfully mind-numbing My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Also, I'm been brushing up on my mad computer imaging skills, in preparation for a massive art website overhaul.


Yes, yes I am.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wake and pester the dog/pester Justin/find some sort of recipe involving the HUGEST red peppers I've ever seen. And some chicken. And hopefully butter.

Mmm. Butter.

black sheep

PS. I give you permission to use that AWESOME unicorn piece as your computer wallpaper. Or as your book cover. That's right. You know who you are.


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