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Smashed Geranium and a New Computer

7:43 p.m.

So. My laptop, it had basically died. It was fairly useless, except for playing music on crappy speakers. After approximately a month of AGONIZING browsing,holding a great internal desktop vs. laptop debate, over-analyzing ads from the Denver paper, reading web description after web description, and probably holding waaaaaaay too many confused conversations with pretty much everyone I know, I picked out a new one. And bought it.

And it is so SHINY. And...the screen is so BRIGHT. And the keyboard works! Even the 'n' key. And the '8' key. And this one is so light weight. I'm very enamored and very terrified of breaking it or getting it dirty or letting too much dog fur settle in the crevices of the keyboard. Drifting dog fur can't be good for shiny new laptops, right? (Incidentally, when did laptops become notebooks? Did I miss something? I'm so not hip.) I realized this is the nicest thing I've ever purchased, my first new (versus used/created from parts dug out of dumpsters) computer. It's also the most expensive thing I've ever purchased, with the exception of my car. My eleven year old car that has 157,000 miles on it.

Of course, I spent more on this computer (which was crazy on sale) than what my car is now worth.

So I'm hoping to work on/update my website soon. Soon soon.

Frustratingly, I have a lot of music on my old laptop that I can't get off. Mostly because the USB port fell out. Mainly Pixies and that song Tusk.

But. This computer's ports all seem to be attached and intact.



In other news, I'm pretty sure our newspaper delivery person has it out for my geranium. This morning it seemed safe, but the four previous mornings I found the local paper nestled in the leaves of my geranium, which had been knocked to the back of the front porch. They BROKE THE POT. I'm unconvinced it was an accident, because after the first two geranium-bashing incidents I moved it. Even behind a post. That delivery person has a wicked curve going on.

I don't know what the problem is. Maybe he/she is disgruntled that I didn't give a gift of Christmas cookies, or a Christmas tip. But for weeks before Christmas, we received no paper at all. What were we supposed to do? Bribe the delivery person? With SUGAR COOKIES? And again, in the spring, we didn't receive the paper for weeks, even after phone calls to Circulation.

Sure, the local paper is a terrible publication, full of misinformation and typos, but it's been PAID FOR. Angry at my calls, did they nurse a grudge for weeks before deciding to torment my potted plants?

Even a crappy paper isn't meant to be used as a cruel and mirthless weapon of DEATH against helpless geraniums. Hit the tree. Just throw it on the lawn. Hit the stupid cat . Hit either one of them! They are fat, but they move so they are Challenging Targets. Leave the geranium out of it! The geranium was supposed to be cheerful.


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