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7:16 a.m.

Yesterday as I was walking away from the Union, where the bookstore is, where I bought paint, some skinny young man in a crisply ironed shirt passed me, grinned, and called out, "And you! With your hair!"

I'm tired. And the week has flown by, with little to no art-making happening. This week, however, I:

1. Taught the dog to walk on a leash
2. Took the dog on several walks
3. Made delicious artichoke dip
4. Bought things related to art
5. Kept score at a baseball game
6. Worked
7. Lost the remaining pounds from my parents' visit
8. Freaked out about art
9. Started shopping around for a new computer

Walking Monk is fun. Here's another list. This time of Things That Excite Monk On Walks:

By "excite" I mean "turn Monk into a quivering ball of muscular and joyous tension." Of course.

1. Seagulls
2. Squirrels
3. Other dogs' poop
4. Other dogs
5. The possibility of being petted by strangers
6. Grass
7. Mailboxes
8. The neighbor's boat
9. Sagebrush
10. Jelly Roll galloping along beside us for a block
11. Flowers
12. The sidewalk

How about one more list, to finish things off?

List of Ridiculous Things Kara has had Stuck in her Head for at Least a Week:

1. The song they play on the Harvey Birdman DVD's main menu, which features that one singer yelling over and over again, "Birdman kicked my ass! Birdman kicked my ass! Birdman kicked my ass!"
2. That line, from that commercial for...that show. You know, where the guy and the girl are sitting on the bed facing each other, and she says, "Tell me your deepest, darkest secret." And he says in a very Andy Dick-like-voice, "I...was born with two buttholes." Justin and I have found various ways to fit "born with two buttholes" into various conversations, and it has been delightful. Mostly, however, we accuse the dog of having been born with two buttholes. Thank you, commercial, for being the source of so much hilarity.
3. That time Homer is in the bathroom singing cheerfully, "Shaving my shoulders!"
4. The way Bender whistles when he's all happy that he has a roommate.

If you suspect I have been watching too many cartoons lately, you would be incorrect. I haven't seen that episode of the Simpsons in at least weeks.

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