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6:58 a.m.

I had this horrible realization yesterday--something that I sort of knew, since I knew my co-worker was going on a trip sometime, but it was a vague knowing--mid-April my co-worker is leaving for a month. Double the work for me. I don't know why my knowledge of this was so cloudy, perhaps I was avoiding it, perhaps I was in denial. At any rate, let's add that to the list of things that I am in horror about this spring.

Just tack it on to the bottom.

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, or doing anything. Especially socializing--and I am an incredibly social person. Meyers Briggs tells me so! I've always had a large amount of friends and friendly acquaintances. Maybe right now I don't see the point, since I know we're moving this summer. Which is completely unlike me, and a stance I can barely see myself taking. But defeatism isn't too far fetched--I feel sort of give-up-ish. I've struggled the entire time we've lived here to make and maintain friendships, and it's been more difficult than I ever expected. I've never been so blown off, stood up, shut out, and cancelled on by a group of people anywhere than the group I have met here. I normally make friends easily, so it's been two years of general confusion and self-doubt. Maybe the giving up was bound to happen, whether we moved or not.

But I think also I just feel anti-social.

Hey, you guys, remember that huge snowstorm this week, that is still sort of going on?

Remember? All that snow? That blizzard that got Justin's interview postponed?


Good times.

This weekend I want to finish the invitations, not feel so blue that I have to work tomorrow, and....yeah. That's really all I'm shooting for. I think we might see a movie.

Blades of Glory?



Will Ferrell on ice skates?

Bound to shake the blues.

black sheeped


Blogger desperate housewife said...

Definitely see "Blades of Glory." Not that I have, but I am longing to, and I know that I am much less likely to actually make it happen than you, so please go in my stead! Laugh doubly hard and eat doubly much candy for my sake!
Sorry about the blues. Snow will do that to anyone, though, especially when it's almost April.

9:50 AM, March 30, 2007  
Blogger Siobhan said...

If you want, I will fly out and help you frame some stuff. I won't do it WELL, but I can try.

I got little penguin white shiraz last night, it was really good! And reasonably priced. If you can't feel good, at least feel good about your wine recommendation skills.

See the movie, you need a break.

11:44 PM, March 30, 2007  

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