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I have a lot of photos from the last few weeks, and here are some. But first, I must tell you this: last night as Monk was sleepily lowering himself to the floor to wait for his dinner, he farted. Super loudly. Startled, he stood up, scurried across the room, and looked around in confusion as we laughed.

On to photos--some of these are of the pets (of course), some are from my last early morning drive to the psychiatrist's office (which is located by a large cemetery). This, however, is a vase of carnations:

And these are some pets:

The cemetery last week was cold and sunny, sort of brittle and watery and quiet. I drove through it on my way back to the highway, and I felt comforted somehow that the ground four feet under stays around fifty degrees year round.

I like this state.

I also like these two idiots:

More of the cemetery:

More of that sunrise:

This is what I look like after I've been driving on ice for forty minutes, at seven in the morning. I certainly have not regretted the purchase of the yellow coat.

These are the dogs, again.

More of this guy. Sometimes I'm not sure if he even likes me. I woke up at one in the morning yesterday and realized his face was pressed against mine, and his tail was wagging. Aw, I thought, he likes me. He does!

Then he continued to pester me (and J) for the next five hours until we got up. Turned out he just needed to take an explosive crap.


I discovered this morning that he nibbled the suede off my favorite pair of maroon (suede) heeled boots. I had to settle for black, and that was not nearly as sassy as I had planned. Also, if he would quit eating my clothing, his poops would be less painful. I'm sure of it.

And then a bit more of this:

It's Friday, and that means question time. (I wouldn't make you scroll through all that without question time.) What shoes are you wearing today? If your bed was covered with clothes, and you were super sleepy and it was late, what would you do? If you have an alarm clock, what wakes you up in the morning--radio or alarm noises? What are you doing this weekend?

Today it is windy/snowy/cold, so I am wearing boots. My brown boots, purchased at Target, from the kids' shoe section. They're very sturdy. I also finally found my other turquoise-colored knee sock, thank GOODNESS. In the past, if my bed was covered with laundry/pets/books/other things, I would just burrow into the crap and sleep with it. I'll even admit that I liked it. It's true: I like sleeping in a chaotic bed. However, out of respect for my husband, I no longer let myself lazily lie in such squalor. Last night I crawled into bed and sleepily pushed a pile of laundry onto the floor, and then felt genuinely happy because I was being helpful. I'm awesome that way.

We have the alarm set to the only radio station it will pick up. I'm normally awake when it goes off due to dogs/cats, but if I'm not I'll often sleep through the radio alarm. I'm better with buzzers and beeps. The local radio station is usually finishing up the weather and moving on to livestock reports (hogs) when it goes off the first time. If we hit snooze and it goes off again, it's "news." If we hit snooze again, the third time we get to hear the guy reading the list of local happy birthdays, which seems to horrify my husband.

This weekend! Tonight I hope to clean the house, and tomorrow I have a client meeting at 9:00, and then the rest of the weekend hopefully will be dedicated to art/doing things on my to-do list/catching up on correspondence/napping.

Your turn,
black sheeped


Blogger Fine For Now said...

Love the pictures!

Today I am wearing suede clogs from Target. It will be a little warm for them later (high 84) but I love them too much to care.

If the bed has clean clothes on it that I forgot to fold (which is often the case) I do the same as you and push them to the floor!

I use my cell phone as an alarm clock and play a very quiet tune. I like it on the lowest volume possible because anything else is annoying.

This weekend my husband and I are planning on going out on his little john boat in a lake, and possible looking at puppies!

8:09 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

No shoes for me yet today.

I'd shove the clothes on the floor from the bed and deal with them later.

My alarm clock is my kid waking up and reading her books to herself and her stuffies, all of which I overhear on the baby monitor.

This weekend we have a 2nd birthday party to attend tomorrow and I plan to catch a movie (The Other Boleyn Sister) with a friend. Sunday will be spent family bonding before my husband travels to Brazil and is gone for 2 weeks.

8:36 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Pickles & Dimes said...

I just love Cab!

I wearing my new brown Converse today - they make me ridiculously happy.

If my bed was messy, I'd still have to put everything away before I went to bed or else it would bother me all night.

Our alarm clock makes that obnoxious beeping noise; I prefer music, but Jason doesn't because I sleep right through it.

This weekend we're opening another savings account, getting my ring cleaned and then going to a special family celebration for Jason's grandparents. Every year, the little town where they live selects one Irish family to celebrate around St. Patty's Day. This year, it's his family, so we all get to crowd into the local VFW while his grandpa gives a speech.

9:29 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger JMC said...

Shoes - tennis shoes. New Balance 644s to be specific.

Bed with clothes - assuming we're talking clean and need to be folded, move pile to another piece of furniture and go to sleep, assuming dirty husband cast-offs, push to floor

Alarm clock - alarm noises

Weekend - playing nursemaid to our resident flu victims

9:41 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Swistle said...

I love the photos. That yellow coat is excellence itself.

I'm wearing Volatile mary janes in a grey tartan.

I'd take the clothes and throw them into an empty laundry basket and go to sleep.

My clock wakes me with alarm noises. Or else my baby does.

11:52 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Jess said...

God I love your photos.

I'm not wearing shoes today because I am home sick.

If the bed has clean clothes on it then we dump them on the couch.

I wake up to NPR because I can't stand loud buzzing and I also hate the way morning show DJs laugh.

This weekend I am going to try to sleep off my cold and also have lunch with a friend.

11:54 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger CAQuincy said...

Great photos.

Today there is still slushy snow on the ground, so I was wearing my Kohl's black snow boots--which are non-moon-like and actually sort of stylish, thank you. Um...and now that I'm inside I'm wearing my cheap houseshoes.

I usually put the pile of clothes in a basket. Basket full (or downstairs)? Try one of the dressers. Oh--dressers are full of crap, too. Hmmmm, OK, then the clothes get placed (and somewhat "neatly" might I add) on my "clothes bed." My daughter's toddler bed is STILL resident in my bedroom--and she hasn't slept in it in about six months. So...90% of the not-yet-folded clothes get placed on this bed. REALLY need to take that darn thing apart!

We have the alarm set to alarm sounds. I think we tried radio, but couldn't get a reception. The alarm would go off, but we wouldn't hear anything and sleep right through it. After two days of missed alarms, we hung it up and put it to the really, really annoying beep.

No definite plans this weekend. Hubby is out of town, so I'm home alone with three kids. I might take them to one of the museums IF I get enough gumption to do that alone--with three kids. (Scary!)

11:59 AM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

I love that shot of you driving, all grim and purposeful.
I was wearing ugly boring boots today because of yet another ten inches of snow being dumped upon us. I shall not waste more space talking about my hatred of winter...

There are actually rarely clothes on OUR bed; they all get thrown into the cradle at the end of our bed, which Eli hasn't slept in for three months but which still resides in our room as a sort of second laundry hamper. In high school though, my bed always had clothes on it. And like you, I would just shove them over and crawl in!

We wake up to annoying buzzing sounds which get progressively louder if you ignore them. It's horrible. And even then we still snooze it about five times. We are Not Morning People.

This weekend we are possibly going to a dueling pianos show at a new bar in town, possibly going to a benefit for a relative of Jim's coworker who has leukemia, and definitely going to his mom's house for a big German feast before we say good-bye to his brother, who's going to Munich for six months.
All of this is assuming we don't get snowed in again, of course.

1:42 PM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger jen said...

Great pics! I love that big white dog!

I'm not wearing any shoes today, but I think I put my Crocs on to go out in the garage earlier.

If my bed is covered with clothes and I'm tired, I make my husband put them away. I am never dumb enough to fold clothes on MY side because I KNOW myself! I know I'm never going to put them away and then I'll have to move them to sleep. But if he's not around, then I just go to sleep under the clothes.

I don't have an alarm clock, haven't had one in years. But when I did, it was the radio.

We are planning to deep-clean this house this weekend. Wish me luck.

2:41 PM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, all those photos are great. My favs were the close up shots of the dogs' noses. So cute! I want to come play with them.

I wore my tennis shoes earlier today (that's almost all I wear). Right now I'm wearing slippers. Comfy.

My bed is only occasionally covered with clean piles of clothes I haven't put away yet. So I would just put them away before getting into bed. Or if I was super super tired, I'd place them into a laundry basket then sleep.

My son usually wakes me up. But if I set the alarm it's on a radio station really soft...just loud enough to wake me.

I was going to go shopping with my friend and her sister on Saturday, but like Desparate Housewife said we're getting dumped with snow. It's not bad so far, so we'll see how much more comes. We may cancel our shopping trip. Sunday we have our regular 2 services at church. It's fun that it's Mission's Festival though.

2:47 PM, March 07, 2008  

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