baa baa black sheep



9:40 a.m.

Snow, snow, everywhere. Covering my struggling tulips and my car, soaking the bottom four inches of my pants legs. Making the dog's feet slippery, making me forget it's nearly May, making me sleepy and slow and stupid.


This weekend flew. It included a horribly awkward dinner (where a waitress actually made jokes about roofies and rape, and I heard a man say in all seriousness: "They should have named South Dakota 'East South Dakota' and 'West South Dakota!'"), a sketchy bottle of wine from Uruguay (it was sour and tasted like GREEN PEPPERS), helping a friend move, more than one cheeseburger (after, of course, the declaration that I'm going to stop eating meat again), meeting new people (some of whom were super rad), two trips to the town mulch pile, lots of mulch, mini-pool, a pathetic (on my part) attempt to put together a crappy bookshelf, realizing Justin definitely loves Jelly Roll, hormonal crying over an episode of MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, more mulch, a pleasant windy afternoon at the flea market, a new plant, and a purchase of the most expensive shampoo and conditioner I've, um, ever purchased. ($5.26!) Suave is what, 93 cents? When I'm feeling luxurious, I normally grab the Pantene. And agonize over how expensive it is.

But I was totally peer pressured by Justin.

It's supposed to help dyed red hair stay red longer.

I'm dubious.

But I do enjoy that the shampoo and conditioner are actually red.

And they came in extremely fancy bottles.

10:15 a.m.

I just sent an email to a friend from college who's been in the back of my mind for roughly a month now. His response was a link to his sister's obituary, who died at the beginning of April. She was only 23.

black sheeped


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