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Bob Bob Bobbin' Along

8:24 a.m.

I saw my first spring robin, fat and smug. The trees may not have any leaves yet, and they might be calling for snow this week, but I saw a damn robin.

2:27 p.m.

It's May. I decided that since I'll have free time this summer, and have many things I'd like/need to accomplish, I should make a Fancy Schmancy Summer Goal List 2006. That way I will be motivated, knowing my plans are out here in public view, and hopefully won't waste too many afternoons by lying on a lounge chair in the sun while eating copious amounts of Pop Ice.




1. Finish researching graduate programs
2. Finalize my decisions on which schools I'm going to apply to, so I may properly obsess over them, and start working on applications
3. Study for the GRE
4. Actually take the GRE (remembering to put aside 100 dollars at the beginning of June for this purpose)
5. Read five at LEAST five books (GRE books do not count)
6. Finish my big painting
7. Complete two other smaller paintings

The last two are going to be the most difficult for me.

8. WRITE TWO STORIES. I want to write stories. I desperately do. I think about it, I remember writing stories when I was younger, I believe I have the ability. I'm jealous of everyone I know who's always writing stories. But I always avoid actually doing it because I am terrified, because I'm afraid I won't pull up anything new/interesting to say from the dredges of my Pop Ice loving mind, because the prospect of thinking up IDEAS is scary scary scary. But I'm going to do it. Thank God, Justin's encouraging.

9. Get to where I can run five miles comfortably. (In one run, not spread out over several months/years. Short spurts of chasing the dog who has pulled a rotten potato from the garbage will not count.) Actual running.

For various reasons:

a) Too much couch time lately. I'd like to finally lose this pesky last 15 pounds, and I'm thinking running will be a hardcore help. I'm shooting for ten pounds by the end of the summer.
b) To build confidence. Confidence in my strength, confidence in my mental power, confidence in my appearance.
c) Man, wasn't it fun when we ran in PE?
d) Studies show that running can help lower the risk of breast and colon cancer, two cancers that run rampant in my family's women--this is probably the main reason.
e) Running eased my anxiety/tendency to be blue three or four years ago--stress relief, stress relief.

So I have this nine week plan I've printed off for three miles, and I'll start TODAY. Which means five miles should be accomplished sometime this summer.

I know I'm going to absolutely hate it at first. It's been a long time, so I'm going to start at the very beginning, alternating walking and jogging. Also I will probably be alternating between moaning/whining/bitching about how much it hurts.

Gosh, Kara, you're such a SISSY. Quit TALKING about it.


black sheeped


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