baa baa black sheep



2:30 p.m.

Contents of my purse:

(main compartment)

-One leather bound sketchbook my brother gave me four years ago
-One Verizon cell phone
-One very small bright orange wallet, containing my driver's license, debit card, Safeway card, and occasionally (rarely) a twenty
-One large floral embroidered...thing, that holds my checkbook, a pen, six pennies, deposit receipts, stamps, insurance cards, the receipt from boarding the dog over spring break, and photos of my sister, brother, and Justin
-One small notebook where I write down everything I eat (nerdy but effective)
-One school-issued planner that I keep because it has maps
-One packet of "Constant Comment" tea
-One Sweet N Low packet
-Two loose quarters
-One hair clip

(zippered pocket)

-Two hair clips
-One Village Inn receipt from brunch with Michele last weekend
-One tampon
-One Bic ink pen
-A few Walmart brand sinus headache pills
-One stopwatch
-One fingernail file
-One tube of Burt's Bees lip balm with a miraculously tight cap, as the tube has been run through the washing machine twice
-One tube of (oh, the shame, the shame) MARY KATE AND ASHLEY METALLIC LIPS LIP GLOSS (I tried to scratch the offending "Mary Kate and Ashley" off the tube to no avail) (shut up, I really like this color and couldn't find it in other brands) (no, no, make fun of me a TON, I deserve the ensuing guilt and humiliation)
-One tube of Covergirl Wetslicks lip gloss in "burgundazzle" (again, I deserve to be teased mercilessly)


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