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More Lists of Nothing

10:57 p.m.

After work today we took the dog to the vet. Then we test drove a car. Then we went to the grocery store. Then I baked cookies for a work function, and we played a two hour game of War.

I won.

Justin read the recipe for me repeatedly as I puttered around looking for measuring spoons, spilling flour, and complaining loudly about how I couldn't BELIEVE that "behavioral specialist" at the vet gave the dog so much peanut butter without ASKING ME if it was OKAY. AND cheese sauce of some sort. Justin also helpfully repeated the ingredient list several times. Because I'm "absent-minded." As in, today when I was buying a bottle of wine, and the cashier asked for a photo id, I handed him my debit card. As in, I can't remember things people say to me approximately .413 seconds ago and this morning I quite possibly forgot to finish my cereal. And totally blamed it on "not being hungry." Absent minded as in, I store bread in the microwave on a regular basis.

Yesterday I got another raise.

Today I was called about an art show.

Yesterday my boss's massage therapist glanced at me, and told me my hips are torqued, my body is full of toxins, I stand completely wrong, and my pelvic muscles are waaaaaaaay tense, and she can fix it all for fifty dollars. Rather, several sessions at fifty dollars each.

I have some delayed anger going on, about some things.

I'm going to see my sister in September.

I only whistle when I'm stressed or doing something difficult at work that requires focus. Usually loud monotone whistling, or descending notes.

My crosshatching technique when I make peanut butter cookies is fairly crappy. Terrible, even.

New cars certainly are quieter than our cars.

I suspect fall has started here.

I'm not fat.


Godzilla = heart

I've been worrying about people far away lately.

That's really all I have for now.

It's almost time to pull out Hour of the Bewilderbeast.


black sheep


Blogger boureemusique said...

No, you're not fat. No, I haven't been around lately. Yes, I need to bookmark you on the other two computers I use. I'm glad things are going well on the work side of things. Being an easily distracted/forgetful person can be a problem, but it doesn't have to, depending on the severity. But you know that. Anyway, I send my thoughts and love and all that.

9:55 AM, August 17, 2006  

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