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That Dinosaur is Smirking

9:28 p.m.

I decided this photo of Samuel L. Jackson + a snake = heart needed to stay on the page for another day. Or, you know, year. It was an executive decision involving snakes and my blog. I feel pretty good about it.

Pretty solid.

(I'd also like to point out that during this exact scene in the movie, I started clutching frantically at Jusin's sleeve and whisper-squealing, "I bet that snake's not even dead! Oh shit, is it dead? I bet it's not dead and it's gonna attack! It's not dead! Justin! Justin!" Etc.) (It was, of course, dead. And I soooo did not call it.) (I am very fun to take to movies, I promise.)

It seems like I had a lot to write about, but now the only things I can recall are 1. finding MAGGOTS in a recently purchased bag of potatoes (we were still in the parking lot, unloading the cart) (and I marched back in, gingerly holding the bag as far from me as I could without dropping it, and was refunded my two dollars and ninety three cents) and 2. how my boss gave me a 25 dollar giftcard to Staples and I just spent a completely and stupidly HUMILIATING amount of time deciding how to spend 25 dollars. It was agonizing, I chewed my bottom lip to pieces, I picked up many things and put many things back. My final purchases included two desk organizers for Justin (and I possibly spent at least 30 minutes picking them out, 30 minutes! I am not even exaggerating) and two folders that have pink whales on them. And some index cards.


Oh, also, the other night I had a really great dream about a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to eat me, and when I hid in the library, he totally busted through the glass ceiling and laughed.

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