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7:43 a.m.

I just got all choked up reading a woman's blog post about how great her mom is. About how she was a good mom but was also a complete and whole person outside of that, how she worked hard, and did such a fabulous job raising her. My mom did an awesome job, too, raising us and always working full time (working full time with twins and a sister) and keeping an immaculate house and loving us a lot. And she did an amazing job putting up with my nonsense, and fighting through cancer, and helping us when we needed it, and not helping us when we needed that, too. And she's silly. I love her shit tons.

I love seeing her, and love talking to her to the point where it's probably annoying. I hope someday we can live closer to her, and I hope someday when we have a family we're close enough that my kids can learn how awesome she is. I want her to be proud of me. I'm proud of her.

I can't wait until Sunday.

black sheep


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