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7:11 p.m.

One more week until Christmas Eve. One more week of horrifying holiday stress at work, one more week until I climb into a tiny fourteen seater and fly over the mountain range and back to the motherland of Missouri. This weekend was nice. It snowed about four inches, which was a pleasant background for baking and laundry and selling some art. I took some photos this afternoon of various Christmas tree and snow related things.

Oh, and I found out today when we go back to Missouri we get to take a family photo. It's been scheduled! Without consulting us. Which immediately made me freak out that a) oh no why haven't I lost ten pounds lately and b) what the hell am I going to wear?! and d) my hair is at a really awkward length right now and this means I'm going to have to actually FIX it, LAME, and c) I was planning on wearing a lot of fleece and pigtails over the holidays and this really is going to cramp my style, man. I started worrying about how I am much, um, curvier than Justin's sisters. So I took so more photos to keep myself in check:

Oh, look at that, I'm okay. But I doubt I will be allowed to rock the fleece and braids look for all eternity in a professional family portrait.


Monk had a lot of fun running around in the snow like an idiot, carrying a snow encrusted ball that I'm sure has also been dog-shit encrusted. Just saying.

Dogs are gross.

And awesome.

Run run run! See Monk run! See Monk run with a ball in his mouth that probably has his own fecal material on it because I saw him drop it in a pile of poop last week! Run, Monk, run!

black sheep


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