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6:34 a.m.

Things have been busy. How about a list format for this long and disjointed post? Yes? Listy list?

1. Yesterday I used the homeopathic vet for the first time. Because a) our vet sucks b) our vet always charges me differently from what they are supposed to c) I always leave our vet crying because I am so upset/angry. So, I made the hippie switch, and was pleasantly surprised. Because, I had doubts. You know? Homeopathic? Doubts!

But Coltrane needed her shots, since during summer she becomes an escape artist. We'd been putting this off because of her crazy stress levels, and also her Rage and how she is the Bringer of Doom. I shuddered just thinking about getting her into a pet carrier, let alone exposing her to the vet. Although maybe that would teach the vet a lesson.

She will cut you!

So! The homeopathic vet comes to your house. Isn't that great, for stressed out kitties? She came to our house, she played with the animals for a while (during which time she also made her observations), she was sweet and didn't pressure me to buy expensive homeopathic food (she just said it would be good to give Coltrane a meat diet, which, yeah, I agree), the pets all loved her. Monk sat on her lap. All 82 pounds of him. She gave Coltrane medicine before the shot, so she wouldn't feel sick after, and then gave her the shot. (Oh, the rage.) Then, she did something magical. Every cat I've ever had that has gotten a shot has developed a knot at the shot site that gets sore and tender. But the vet massaged it out. Shot knot? Gone. Granted, the rage during this process was out of control, and Coltrane yowled and hissed and the vet laughed and we called her a drama queen (Coltrane also yowls and hisses when we roll over in bed at night, or sometimes when someone looks at her). But she got rid of the knot, and Coltrane forgave her quickly and seems to feel great.

Plus, it was cheaper than the normal vet.

Check out this paw:
(Or, Death by Cuteness)

And yet, see the lurking rage:

2. The cup is officially in use. And it is good. I'm never going back.

3. I'm pretty much done with the wedding invitations, except for the handful of people who haven't given us their addresses. I went to the post office yesterday to buy stamps (I'm doing it just in time, the response cards will be mailed back right before the next stamp increase). And because they are letting their stamp supply dwindle due to that upcoming increase, I didn't have many options. And because I hate hate hate the flag stamps (it's unreasonable, I know. Shut up!) I ended up with the Crops of the Americas stamps.

Those were my options.

Flags or legumes.

The choice was obvious. I know.

4. This week is crazy busy, and then I'm going to see my family this weekend. Let's hope the weather is nice so I can get to the Denver airport.

5. Justin's interview was rescheduled for Thursday. He's getting over the cold. I'm just starting it.

6. Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to get my cupcake situation and my food situation under control. Also, I rented some chairs. The super store I was thinking about using I am not using, because they can't call me back/be in the store when I call. So I bought my own cupcake tree. (Buying a cupcake tree is obviously going to influence the rest of my life. I now must, MUST, have a Christmas party every year because, duh, I own a cupcake tree.) And called someone else to make cupcakes, because I'm tired of fighting with bakeries to get them to make a cupcake tower. The cupcake woman I talked to yesterday was all, "You don't know what icing you want? You don't have a photo? We can't do anything until you decide on icing! And no, these won't keep for a few days! We can't do this ahead of time. And do you mean chocolate, or chocolate truffle?!" Ugggggh.

Come on.

Come on!

Maybe I should go back to a grocery store. Surely they can just make a bunch of cupcakes, if I'm not asking them to shape the cupcakes into any form. Right?

Also, unsurprisingly, I can't afford catered snacks. I was hoping I could, so I wouldn't have to worry about it and just have someone deliver some salsas and, you know, snacks, but twelve dollars a head is too much for food that isn't a meal. For me. For our wedding kegger. So I'll have to figure something else out.

Sorry about the totally uninteresting wedding crap, but it's my blog! I'll do as I wish!

7. This last weekend I was way more social than I planned on being, or wanted to be, but it worked out pretty well. I even (GASP) had fun. Friday evening we went to an art opening, and Saturday we spent the day (and night) with our friend Patrick. Saw Blades of Glory, ate some food, drank some wine. Justin and Patrick stayed up into the wee hours of the morning drinking beer, playing Nintendo games, and giggling hysterically.

Here are some boys dancing with the dog:

Please note that Justin is not, in fact, a robot.

Here is where I decided it would be a good idea to get inside the big box we plan on putting DVD's in. When we pack them. This is also where Monk got very concerned about where the evening was headed:

Coltrane was also concerned, because she claimed this box. And if you don't respect that, she will cut you!



And with that lovely shot of my nostril (it had to be done!), I'm done with this list.

black sheep


Blogger Swistle said...

This was such a great post. Lots of funny things.

I wouldn't want to pay $12/head either. Do you have any local friends/family who might be able to handle some of the snackie-making? My brother got married last year, and he said he was surprised at how many people really seemed to WANT to help. I think because it's such a happy occasion, and helping feels like celebrating.

I am VERY INTERESTED to hear that the cup is a success. I am planning to get one myself when I am no longer Out Of Commission.

That certainly provides motivation for people to mail back their RSVPs on time. Or else they won't, and you'll get all these little "2c due" cards in your mail. I can't believe it's another rate increase already. I'd rather they bumped it up, like, TEN cents and then put the extra aside so the next rate increase would be A LONG TIME from now. I only just got rid of all my 37c stamps, and I have One Million 39c stamps because I just stocked up in celebration of using up the last of the 37c ones.

The cupcake situation is maddening. MADDENING!

9:32 AM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

Price of stamps sends me into fits of rage. I'm always like, "AGAIN!? Again with the raising one or two cents so that every stamp I have is useless?" And also, I too have a weird dislike for the flag stamps. They're fine in July, but otherwise, seem overly patriotic and kind of military-like. Like, "Every piece of mail sent must bear our noble country's flag!" I preferred last month's Diabetes Awareness stamps.
I wish I could bake your cupcakes for you. I actually like making cupcakes. Not cake though. I lack the cake frosting gene. But I am truly a skilled decorator of cupcakes.

10:27 AM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger Emily said...

I suck at life and haven't been around, and boy have I missed a lot. Must look to see when big day will be. Doing it yourself sounds exciting, and I'm lurving the idea of the cupcake tree. Do you have a registry somewhere? I love the cat story. The homeopathic vet sounds like a neat idea. I imagine it's pretty touch and go, just like vets. There are some good ones and some bad ones, and I'm so glad you found a good one. That cup thing looks terrifying, but I will investigate and probably buy one. The environmental factor alone is pretty sweet. Must share with likeminded women friends. Whee! Congratulations and stuff! And, seriously, who needs to spend $12/person on Chex mix? Oh yes, helping at others' weddings is good. I was recently a groomsmaid, and the twelve person wedding party helped convert the adorably spare and open chapel into a reception hall in about ten minutes while the bride and groom had their receiving line outside on that pretty October day. My husband wasn't in the party, but he took extra pictures, and we drove the groom to get a haircut the night before the big day. It takes a village to make a wedding - a good one, anyway. It makes me want to get married again.

8:29 AM, April 05, 2007  

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