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9:57 a.m.

Yesterday morning I had an interview for a receptionist (sigh) position at a medical facility.

Pros: Part-time, so I could work on art a lot. Mindless, so I'd hypothetically have lots of energy for art. Decent wage for this town. Room for "advancement." Nice co-workers. Probably not stressful. Would be able to pick up extra shifts for extra money. Good benefits.

Cons: All shifts are evening shifts, the exact opposite of my husband's schedule, and I am a morning person. Not challenging to me. I'd have to work every other Saturday and two holidays a year. I'd be on call some Sundays. Job consists solely of answering the phone and having people fill out paperwork. I have a degree in art.

This morning I had a job at a home designing business.

Pros: Decent starting wage, with promises of tons of big raises. All holidays off. I'd get a discount. I'd be working with customers to design kitchens, pick out cabinets and paint colors, possibly flooring and windows. This job would be fulfilling and utilize my creative abilities and my people-liking. It would be super challenging--lots to learn, I'd be seeing projects through from start to finish. Super nice co-workers. I'd eventually work on my own with clients with little supervision. This is 'career' job and not a job job.

Cons: It's full-time, maybe more, so I'd have way less time and energy for art. I'd work some Saturdays. It would likely be exhausting and stressful, especially for the first year, during the training period. Math. It's sort of scary, thinking about how much there is to learn and all the responsibility.

The design interview went really well, and I was promised a second interview for Monday morning, and told that "really, we really like what we see here." As I was being interviewed, the other place left me a voicemail and I was offered the receptionist job. I called them and told them I was interested but that I had some other options to weigh, and could I please talk it over with my husband and wait until Monday to make my decision? (I figure by then I'll probably sort of...know.) They weren't super excited to wait, and I told them I understood if they needed to fill the position before then, and if they needed to use someone else I would understand completely. So they're going to try to wait until I call on Monday. I hope I handled the situation correctly. It's sort of hard to know what to do.

I'm all, "!"

You guys!


WHAT A WEEK. I'm going to finish packing, and we're going to fly to L.A. for J's sister's wedding.

La la la,
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Blogger Flibberty said...

You definitely handled that situation well. I think that working nights when you are a morning person, and having an opposite schedule from your husband would be not so good regardless. At least that would be not so good if I were in your situation. Good luck and have a safe and fun trip to Cali.

11:07 AM, September 21, 2007  
Anonymous Pickles & Dimes said...

Ooh, that's a toughie! You handled it well. You were perfectly within your rights to ask for some time to mull it over. Any company that wants the person to decide immediately on a job offer is questionable at best.

Without knowing your financial situation, I can't really give any advice, but if you want more time to create and not be stressed, job #1 sounds ideal.

But, if you want to be challenged and would like to work in an area related to your interests, that would be #2. However, working nights while J. works days - yikes! I don't know how people do that.

Good luck! (As you can read, I am of NO USE to you.)

11:46 AM, September 21, 2007  
Blogger Artemisia said...

I think you handled it perfectly. It always happens that way; get an offer for a job that is acceptable while still waiting to hear about one that may be more challenging...

You did great.

And! Congrats!! Woo hoo!!

Math is SCARY, but I think you would do fantastic at the design job. FANTASTIC. Maybe this comes down to how much time and energy you want to put into your job, knowing that it is time and energy away from your art?

Also, keep in mind how you felt when working at you-know-where turned mind-numbing. Can you handle that again?

1:12 PM, September 21, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

My two cents: If you're not happy at your job, you're not going to be happy in the rest of your life. This has always been the case with me. Your financial needs will be a factor, but it's really stretching your luck on shifts that don't match with hubbie's, as well as jobs that are mind-numbing. You handled it beautifully. Signed, socially inept.

6:40 AM, September 22, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

Also, you might want to stop by Moteville, where there is an award for you. Yes. An award. It will not match your beautiful site so I won't be offended if you don't post it and ruin the whole black-sheeped effect.

But you'll still have it.

3:18 PM, September 23, 2007  
Blogger Jess said...

Wow... you are so employable! I have no advice to offer that wasn't already covered by the comments above me, but I have to say that I think you are doing the right thing taking your time, even if it means the receptionist people might find someone else.

9:21 AM, September 24, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Not just one, but two! two job opportunities! That's wonderful. I'm sure you'l;l make the decision that's right for you and J. Good luck.

12:45 PM, September 24, 2007  

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