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8:22 a.m.

So, yesterday I was hired. To be some sort of kitchen/home designer. (My understanding of the job is still sort of vague, but it involves new houses, cabinets, counters, fancy flooring, windows, doors, remodels and lots and lots of stuff about paint and paint colors. And math. And designs.) So! I'm really nervous!

I turned down the hospital job before I actually had the second interview at the other place. J and I talked it over (by "talked it over" I obviously mean I "asked the same pestering questions over and over in random airports and also when he had just fallen asleep at night"), and he pointed out that I would have been miserably bored within a few weeks (I like projects and challenges, not so much routine and sitting). Also, the whole working opposite schedules thing would have sucked. I'm sort of bad about tricking myself into thinking a not-so-ideal situation would be ideal, and that's probably what I was doing about that job. I feel very apprehensive about the design job, because a) it sounds sort of hard, and takes a year or more to train and b) oh geez, it's a Real Job. But these are also things to like about it, if that makes sense. J seems to think I will be Good At This Job, and so do the people who hired me. I hope they are all correct and I do not Crap the Place Up.

So, starting tomorrow I'll be working real 8-5 hours and will have a job that is sort of related to my degree and utilizes my skills, and I will have to dress like an actual professional adult and not like...however it is that I dress. I went through my wardrobe and discovered I have about five appropriate outfits, and that is stretching it. My extensive collection of peasant skirts, vintage style t-shirts, and sports bras are going to have to be banished (sad!) to weekend wear. My art work, along with gardening and pet activities and reading and writing in blogs and sitting on the couch with my husband, those will all be banished to nights/weekends, too. Also, sadly, I can not wear my nose ring at the new place of business, and I'm sort of in a quandary about it. I love my nose ring, and it sort of feels like just part of my face, you know? I can take it out during business hours and put it back in (I did that when I was a waitress, back in the day) but that's sort of annoying and seems to make it more prone to pain/infections. Do I take it out forever, and feel really angsty about it? Do I try the in and out thing and see if it's worth the pain and annoyance?


I started browsing more, um, businessy type clothing online and are ankle boots really coming back in? They seem so unnatural to me. Like, not with pants, that seems fine. But with skirts. Am I too stuck on tall boots? What is going on with these ankle boots, you guys, people really wear heels all day? Is that really something people do?

I feel sort of mournful, about going back to work. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, CRY ME A RIVER, you think, but shut up! It was a crazy summer and I think it helped that I had time to process things. This job is a major commitment, and I am not used to making major job commitments. I mean, it takes over a year to train, and they wanted someone who would say, "Yes, I will be in this for the long haul unless of course I suck terribly and you have to fire me." That was scary, you guys. It was scary to me to say, yes, I will make an occupational commitment to you, I will stay here for a long time. I've always been more of a switch things up type of girl. I'm thinking since this job will allow me to juggle projects (combined with the ADD medication/my newly discovered ability to focus) my desire to change things up will be channeled more productively. So scary, but probably very positive, etc, etc.

Still, let's have a moment of silence for my free time.


This morning I wanted to stay asleep long enough so that I would have gotten, oh, eight hours of sleep. J got up and showered and was getting ready to leave for work, and I had just drifted back to sleep after the noise of the alarm/shower. A delicious, happy sleep. And that is when the dog ripped such a huge fart, from the other room, that it woke me back up, and I had to get up and take him out so he could find the perfect place to take a gigantic stinky dump. And then it rained.

The end!

Oh, but not the end!


I've been working on a new blog, you guys! And you all have to participate, because it is going to be Super Fun. And even Swistle said it would be fun, so, there! The idea comes from the fact that I get pretty wound up about holidays, because a) I have little to no experience with hosting things and b) I like to get wound up about things. I like holidays, and I like seeing how to do things. I enjoy looking for recipes, or seeing how other people's traditions, or finding out tricks for things, or looking at decorations, etc, etc, etc.

Also, I like all of you, and how clever you all are.

So! I was thinking earlier this summer, about how much KNOWLEDGE is just floating around out there, in our blog community. I was thinking about how I'd like to make a really good pumpkin cookie, and how it would be nice to be all, "Hey, blog community, give me the most awesome pumpkin cookie recipe ever!" because you guys are magical and smart. It would be nice to go somewhere to find out how to make your house smell lovely for guests without actually having to, you know, clean. I'd like to find out how you guys buy gifts for that sister in law who seriously has EVERYTHING, or how to get lovely cheap handmade cards, or to have extensive discussions on Halloween candy, or to find out how to make awesome costumes, or to share how we celebrate New Year's. There is so much brilliance, out there, in your brains, and we should tap it! And share it! We could learn so much holiday goodness from each other! You guys are smart! There can be links, you guys! Helpful links!

A holiday resource, you see!

I'm so excited I'm using tons of exclamation points!

I'm about done working on the blog template, and will start posting around the first of October. I thought we could do Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and obviously any other winter holidays you guys want the dirt on (holiday love for all!), and then if everybody likes it and finds it to be fun and helpful, we might continue for year-round holidays.

So! You guys have to participate, or it won't be fun. I mean, I'll dig around and fun things, but I also want you guys to send in post ideas or questions that you'd like answered. There'll probably also be things like "everybody send in your favorite tradition for such and such" or "everybody send me pics of your jack o'lanterns" or "give me recipes for diabetic neighbors" so we can all share the love. Or if you just have general awesomeness to share (and I know you do, YOU SOOOO DO), send it in and everyone will benefit.



So, my email is k a r a m a r i e @ g m a i l dot c o m. I expect lots of emails, you guys. Lots! And I'll post the link later this week, when it's all done. And we'll have fun, sharing! A blog holiday free for all!

Okay, go!

black sheeped


Blogger Flibberty said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful. You will, no doubt, do well as you're clearly quite intelligent and talented. Job commitments are weird, but remember that they made a commitment to you too, so they have to work just as hard to keep you as you do to succeed there. It goes both ways. And the work cloths . . . I wear heals each and every day and I think I would lob my feet off if it weren't for gel inserts. Get thee to the drugstore for a pair or nine of these, your feet with thank you. Also, dressing for work makes me feel more powerful and respectable, so I just look at it as wearing a costume. Go figure.

10:14 AM, September 25, 2007  
Anonymous Pickles & Dimes said...

Yay - congratulations on the job! That is so awesome.

Heels everyday? HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Um, no. I would die. I do wear heels once in awhile when I want to feel all grownuppy, but no more than once a week.

I say you try the in-out thing with your nose ring and see how it goes. What's the worst that could happen? Oh yeah...infections.

Can't wait to see your new blog - should be lots of fun to share holiday tips. Cool!

10:39 AM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Jess said...

Yay! Congratulations! I totally agree that this job is the better choice. Also I totally relate to the sudden "shit I need a professional wardrobe" feeling since the exact same thing happened to me when I graduated college. But hey, a real REASON to buy new clothes can be fun.

Also, TOTALLY with you on the ankle boot thing. I have a pair to wear with pants when it's cold, and Torsten suggested that I wear them with a skirt one day, so I did, but it made me so uncomfortable that I changed into my emergency flats at the office that morning. I'm definitely all about the flats or tall boots with skirts thing.

And I'm excited for the new blog! I'm sure you will have tons of willing participants.

12:09 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

Holy smokes! Job AND new blog, all in one post... I need to digest...

Job- very cool. I think you will know with certainty early on if this job is not for you. Then you can politely give your notice. BUT, it sounds like you will be wonderful at it, and I think you will know THAT early on too. I mean, if you're going to like it, I think you'll know in the first months....

Am I making any sense?

Also, I like the new blog idea. Love, actually. I'm excited. Because I like to be all home-makey without actually having to put in much effort, ya know? So I'll be thrilled to find holiday shortcuts and brilliant yet EASY recipies/craft. Also, I want craft ideas that the KIDS can make for presents. I have a few ideas for this, but we've used them already for our extended families, so I need some NEW IDEAS!


1:23 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds lovely, really. Also, I think the new blog sounds like a great idea. I'd love to tell others about it once you get it up. The more the merrier.

2:16 PM, September 25, 2007  
Anonymous Swistle said...

1) Yay about job! My prediction: you will be good at it. You are a sensible AND artistic person, and I think that combination is about to PAY AND PAY BIG. And they definitely wouldn't be investing in your training if they weren't sure you were capable of doing it. And think of everything you'll LEARN for doing your OWN house! And you can be this big expert and say to us things like, "Ug, you guys: no more oak!" and we'll be all respectful and obedient. It'll be GREAT.

2) I don't like ankle boots with skirts.

3) I wouldn't want to wear heels all day, but would probably get low, wide heels for work.

4) Take nose ring in and out for now. Gradually you will become aware of whether you want to keep doing that or whether you want to leave it out for good.

5) Your new blog is going to be so, so, SO much fun. I can't WAIT to start stealing other people's ideas!

6) You know what might be fun? A daily/weekly question. Like the very ones you posted about diabetic neighbors and pumpkin cookies. But one at a time, with people answering. If you ask me for holiday ideas, I'm likely to look at you blankly, drooling. But if you say, "I need a Thanksgiving dessert that isn't pumpkin pie!" or "I need a gift children can make!," I spring into action!

7) I think that when I am only ONE letter off on the word verification, it should say "Close enough!"

2:33 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Tessie said...

Hey, congrats! New job!

I must disagree with ankle boots in any situation. With dresses: Weird. With pants: Still weird, especially when you sit down and the pants ride up.

Yay, a new blog to read! I mean, oh, okay. If you insist.

3:53 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

I was just in the mall today (Gymboree) and walked past a shoe store with an alarming display of ankle boots. I stared at them and wondered to myself "Are those back in? Euw!" I just don't get it.

6:52 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Penny said...

Hey, congratulations on the new job! I have no holiday saavy and generally spend the time worrying about what to buy and how to tell my mom that either we're not coming this year or we are coming this year but we're not coming for very long.

Good luck with the new blog though.

8:48 PM, September 25, 2007  
Blogger Shannon said...

You will do great!!!

I love the idea of the new blog, too. Count me in!

Plus, I need all the help I can get so we aren't buying Christmas gifts on uhmmm, Christmas Eve for the third year in a row.

9:22 AM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger Pann said...

Wow, you sound just like me when I got my first Real Job ... (gee, do they really want to hire me? Why is it they think I'll be good at this but I worry that actually I don't know what I am doing and I will screw it all up!)

I bet you will be really good at it.

The kind of negative thoughts that affected my whole life turned out to be related to depression (and I thought everyone else was just way too optimistic and unrealistic all the while!)

Anyway this is all very exciting, your new job and new blog. I will be sure to participate since I can always use some more holiday inspirations... and support too, because Thanksgiving and Xmas are major sources of depression for me!

10:09 AM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger Shelly said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds amazing and fun!

And I love the new blog idea. I even have something to contribute when you get it set up. : )

12:37 PM, September 26, 2007  
OpenID parkingathome said...

That site sounds amazing, once I find it in the next few posts I will definitely check it out (and possibly contribute? Seven thousand siblings teaches a gal a thing er two). Good idea.

3:26 PM, March 31, 2008  

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