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Good Intentions

8:27 p.m.

I keep meaning to post.

I keep meaning to write a post about how bad the pets are, and about how the other night I walked into the laundry room to discover that one of the bad cats had dragged a bird corpse into the laundry room through the cat door, smeared blood all over the floor, gotten bird remnants on the rug, and apparently had thrown up feathers. (Thank you, you horrid little monster. You're so THOUGHTFUL.)

I also keep meaning to write about how lonely the house is every night with Justin gone at baseball games, and about how nervous I am about my parents coming in less than a week. I even washed the WALLS. And cleaned the microwave. And planted pansies. And bought new bathroom rugs. They haven't met Justin yet, and I want everything to go well, I want everyone to be nice and happy and surely everything will be perfect when they see that we have a geranium all cheerful and smiling on the front porch, surely things will go smoothly and everyone will have an absolutely fabulous time when they realize there are matching accessories in the bathroom. Matching bathroom accessories! A matching soap dispenser! Approval! Give me approval!

Seriously, I'm so excited to see them. And I'm so sad my sister can't come. And I really really really really really want everyone to have fun and a nice time. They're coming so far to see me. It means a lot to me. A lot, a lot. A crazy lot.

I miss my sister a lot. I don't know when I'll see her again. It's frustrating.

I miss Justin during baseball games.

I miss Taft, especially at Wal-Mart.

I miss a lot of other people, too.

Sometimes when we're out at a baseball game I miss the dog. I think, "I wish Monk was here." And then I tell Justin. He totally agrees.

I don't usually miss the cat who brings in corpses.

I've also been meaning to write about planting things, and watering things, and how I'd like to collect more wind chimes. I sort of want to write about this storm blowing in, and the way the wind chimes are tinkling violently.

Also there's the summer adjustment of going from two jobs to just one part-time job, the summer transition that makes me feel guilty and worthless and lazy. I only worked three hours today, and a basket of laundry has been sitting in the laundry room (untouched by feathers, thank you) since Saturday. I should write more about that.

But I bought ten canvases today.

In addition to the rugs and soap dispensers.

Also, I washed the WALLS on Saturday, so...yeah.

black sheep


Blogger linz said...

YAY tell your parents HI for me!!!

12:23 AM, June 25, 2006  

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