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Post In Which I Show My Love With Beer

8:39 a.m.

Thursday was Justin's birthday. (Hi! Happy Birthday for the 1000th time!) He doesn't really like cake, or pie, or anything else sugary and delicious and awesome. But I can't comprehend someone having a birthday that doesn't involve some sort of consumable object with candles on top. It's just not done! It's not right!

I wasn't sure what to do, and possibly obsessed over it way more than was healthy. Until Monday. At work. I was cutting a mat and it came to me in a flash, a lightening bolt of birthday genius. A cake! Constructed of beer! Since I normally forget my brilliant ideas, I scribbled it down on a slip of scrap paper:

Please note the general silliness and crappiness of this blue print. Also please note that I wrote down "liquor store" to the side. As if I was afraid I'd forget where to buy beer.

I love my brain.

Anyway, fortunately for Justin, the real thing wasn't nearly as terrible as that sketch predicted. Here's the practice run, done on my studio floor while he was at night class:

Pretty glorious, yes? Twenty-two beers and four candles. After having nightmares that I wouldn't be able to put it together again, I got up at 5:00 a.m. on Thursday to assemble it on the kitchen table, so it would be there, cheerful and beery, when he woke up. NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR MY MAN.

Also, I am classy.

Also, I love him.

I have to go to work,
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