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7:07 a.m.

Uggggggh. It's Friday. Friday came.

Cons: It snowed a lot. It seems like around a foot. I mean, the moisture is good. But. The Denver airport has been closed for two days. I'm stressed about/have been stressed about: whether or not our flight will be cancelled on Sunday, my boss telling me repeatedly she doubts we'll be able to fly out on Sunday, the fact that holiday shoppers are crazy, the fact that the trucks that were supposed to deliver materials for rush Christmas orders at work aren't coming until next week, the general non-plowing of streets in this town (even with the foot of snow), a horrible pinched nerve in the back of my leg that has made cutting mats annoying and painful, pms, feeling guilty for boarding the dog for ten days (but we can't fly him! He's eighty pounds! Oh, the guilt), work, work, work, and work.

Pros: Friday did come, and today is my last day at work for the year. The trucks aren't coming, so today will be infinitely less stressful downstairs in the shop. (Which seems like a shitty pro, but it's there, just the same.) Tonight Justin and I are giving each other presents, and I can't wait. It sort of sounds like maybe things will be okay at the airport, maybe. And today, I am having my first ever massage. Which seems like a ridiculous luxury and yet, I can. not. wait. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO IT WITH AN INTENSITY I CAN NOT DESCRIBE, EXCEPT MAYBE WITH THE CAPS LOCK.

I woke up at 2:11 this morning, feel crazy and tense. For the next two hours, I waited for sleep and listened in the dark to What the Pets Do All Night.

2:13: Monk sneaks out of the bedroom, where he has a perfectly nice dog bed and blanket, tiptoes to the couch and flops down with a ridiculous sigh of satisfaction.

2:15-2:25: Monk stands on the couch and turns in circles to find the perfect couch sprawling position.

2:25-2:54: Eerie silence.

2:55-3:34: Cats gallop crazily around upstairs, sounding precisely what I imagine a herd of wild boars would sound like stampeding on carpet. General bounding, leaping, and falling noises. Presumably, cat lunacy occurs in scary amounts.

3:36: Some sort of crash in the kitchen.

3:37-3:45: Eerie silence.

3:45-3:53: Resume running and jumping.

3:54: Something goes awry, cats get into an angry growling/yowling fight.

3:55: Monk shakes himself awake and runs upstairs to regulate.

3:56-3:58: Sounds of dog regulating cats, which includes trotting, sneezing, herding (yes, I can hear herding. Shut up), and pissy hissing.

3:59: Monk returns to the couch, sighs contentedly. Has performed his job well.

4:00: Cats run downstairs, scuffle in the den, presumably to wake the dog. For revenge. Computer wakes from hibernation instead. Cats are idiots. Kara hates them.

4:03-4:10: Kara gets nervous that someone is in the house. Breathes anxiously, puts on glasses. Considers waking Justin.

4:11: Bravely gets out of bed and checks. Just the cats wrestling bumpingly around the computer desk. Relief. And. Annoyed.

4:12: Kara goes to the bathroom. While peeing, Coltrane saunters in with various leaf particles stuck in her fur. And, wait, yes, yes, she has some on her chin. Has clearly been snacking freely on house plants. Will likely vomit soon. Kara does not care and goes back to bed.

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