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7:35 a.m.

It snowed a little more yesterday, four inches or so. My boss postponed our holiday party, for which I was very grateful. They live out of town, in the land of snow drifts and antelope and gravel roads where cars get stuck. But then she asked me to go to work to feed the fish and bring in the newspaper. Not so grateful for that. But we shoveled and went in anyway. I took some photos of the town. And our yard. To show why I get pissed off every time I step outside. Why I get annoyed every time we have to drive. (I'm a weenie.)

This is our street. It's looked like this for over a month, and will continue to look like this until it gets warm for a week or so straight.

Downtown, by the trainyard, yards from where I work:

Downtown, by the trainyard. I like to walk around there after work sometimes.

Our growing pile, from shovelling the sidewalk. It's melted a little, but it is nearly as tall as me:

The busiest and most-plowed street in this town (shameful!):

The block where I work:

The most handsome lumberjack in the world:

The snow pile isn't nearly as impressive when he stands next to it, since he's 6'5". But still, pretty impressive. Look at what he has created! With his lumberjack arms! And his lumberjack snow shovel!

Please ignore that our Christmas lights are still up. We don't light them. Like some people in this town. And the tree is down.

Shut up!

black sheep


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