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7:20 a.m.

-14 degrees, feels like -25. Apparently. Can not WAIT to go to work this morning. Certainly am not disgruntled about it AT ALL.

The weekend flew away, slipped through my fingers yet again. It was nice, though. Had a nice lunch with a girl friend, went to a nice party, sat on the couch quite a bit with Justin. Which was better than nice. And, I washed the cat.

The fat one.

The 16 pound blob of pure mellow love one.

It was not nice at all.

It seems that the 16 pound blob of pure mellow love, when faced with shampoo and water, turns into a 16 pound iron-tense, pointy, sharp, yowling, clutching, thrashing blob of anger. A blob of anger with super kitty strength. The strength of ten angry kitties, plus two! So it was Exciting. And Dangerous. And I developed a good kitty headlock technique that I think I could patent. And the blob? No longer smells like ass. And is soft. And shiny. So it was totally worth risking my life.

It goes something like this:

Cat not smelling like rotting garbage > death of me

(And, yes. Yes, I am regretting not taking any photos.) (And yes, the blob did forgive me after a few hours drying in a super warm non-drafty bathroom.)

(Also, the other two pets sat calmly beside me and watched unblinkingly while I was struggling with the bath, and the wet cat was wildly pleading for his life. I'm pretty sure the other non-stinky cat was laughing. Silently, yet maniacally. They are jerks. Complete and total jerks.)

(Here they are.)


Edit, 8:26: Apparently we reached a new record low today/last night, of a whopping -25 degrees. The Weather Channel is claiming is is -20 degrees. Again. SO HAPPY I AM LEAVING FOR WORK NOW. ON A NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

black sheep


Anonymous Shuzbut said...

News of Missouri Ice Storms of Death reached these shores today. Hope that all you and yours are well and surviving/coping.

1:45 PM, January 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed the chair that Monk is laying in front of. I can't believe you have that chair!


10:21 PM, January 15, 2007  

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