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6:57 a.m.

1. I need to stop falling down the stairs and falling down on the ice. Sunday I gracefully fell down our stairs in front of our Superbowl guests, but managed to not spill my beverage. (None of the six boys here helped me up--most of them seemed too busy with pigs in blankets up in the kitchen.) (I made pigs in blankets! And they were SO. AMAZING.) Then Tuesday night I fell hard on an icy sidewalk. It has damaged the new crappy phone, and I've had a headache ever since I banged it on the concrete. It's gotten slippery out there.

Slippery like socks on carpeted stairs.

2. I went to see a therapist yesterday. For the feeling down. And crazy. And the crying. It was good, and I think helpful. I decided not to let it get any more out of control, so I called a place from the yellow pages with a purple ad. My rockin' (rockin' = ridiculous) decision making skills worked out, however. It was a great place who let me pay what I wanted, got me in the same morning, and I was assigned an awesome therapist. A nice lady who is also a painter. So, let's all hope it continues to be helpful and I feel less horrible sometime soon. Just having someone to rant to and who doesn't appear to think I'm crazy helps, I think. So.


3. Tomorrow I took the afternoon off for a massage and some quality girl time with my friend Michele. I think this will also help. It's been tricky finding hanging out time ever since she became a mom. Especially since the poor little guy had colic and was an unhappy little ball of rage for three months. Now he's better, though, and everyone is happier and more rested the occasional lunches are easier to schedule. So.


4. I think the dog and the fat cat are in love.

Happy Thursday,
black sheep


Blogger Swistle said...

My dad is someone who, when he needs a specialist of any sort (medical, plumbing, stump-grinding), will consult, like, 50 different sources to find The Best One. This intimidates me when I need to find a specialist myself. But I have found that my method (choosing someone from the yellow pages whose ad or name appeals to me) has resulted in the same success rate as his.

11:40 AM, February 08, 2007  
Anonymous Lynne said...

Came this way via another blog. You are doing what I totally NEED to be doing again - seeing a therapist and getting a massage. Good for you. I am envious. Have fun!

4:32 PM, February 08, 2007  

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