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7:24 a.m.

Yesterday was one of those days where you lose your cell phone in the snow downtown.

I definitely and irresponsibly lost my phone on one of the busy downtown blocks, in front of the coffee shop. And after a morning of searching, and calling, and listening for it's Modest Mouse ringtone downtown, and checking in at the coffee shop to see if it was turned in, (I think we did everything short of posting reward offering signs and calling frantically, "Phonnne! Phooooooonnne!") we decided it was gone. Either crushed in the dirt-snow sludge under a car tire, or picked up by some jerk who didn't call any of the numbers in the address book, or answer when we called it fifty bazillion times.

Stupid snow.

Stupid Wyoming snow! This is all your fault! If you hadn't been there, I would have heard the phone clatter on asphalt. But noooooooo. Not here, no asphalt visible here. Just soft, silencing sludge.

On my lunch break we went to the phone place. "How much could it be?" we said. "My last one was thirty bucks!" we said. "Surely I won't have to pay over 50!" I thought stupidly.

And then the nice young man told us his cheapest phones range in price from 100-150 dollars.

So I bought the 100 dollar phone, which is actually much thicker than my old crappy phone.




I mean, it's got to be better than the old one. It is, after all, new. I've been complaining about the old phone. The antenna had fallen off, and the battery wouldn't hold a charge even if I threatened it a LOT. It was scratched up and dented and dingy. But it was my phone! Familiar! I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet!

I wanted to lovingly put it to rest when I was mentally prepared, when I was ready. (Also when I had lovingly put away some cash, so I could buy something less crappy.) I would have kept it in it's box for far too long in a closet somewhere.

But no, it met an early demise in dirt snow, due to my somewhat grumpy negligence yesterday morning. I'll never see it again.

Goodbye, little phone.


In other news, I was sort of sick yesterday, with a fever and the stomach and the thinking I was going to die. I'd like to call in sick today, since I still feel gross with the added benefit of a sore throat, but I feel that it's been too soon since my last call in sick day (November), so I feel too guilty. Too guilty! Perhaps this is penance. For my carelessness.

Or! This is what I get for complaining about our snowy streets yesterday.

I had this coming, didn't I?

I totally did.

black sheep


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