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7:30 a.m.

The last, oh, week or so, I've been dealing with my normal craziness, depression, and HORRIBLE RAGE that starts about halfway through my cycle and ends about halfway through my second period of the month. (Justin made a crack yesterday about how it's more of an ellipses. HILARIOUS, JUSTIN.) It seems like half of every cycle is wrought with sobbing, horrible irritation, cramps, etc. A few mid-cycle days in particular it seems like a struggle to just get out of bed, and work? I've called in sick because of it. Called in sick due to horrible PMS symptoms in the middle of the month. That's all I'm saying. I genuinely feel bad. It does not seem fair, to extend the PMS anger and crappiness for two weeks. The uterus gods are not looking out for me. They are not.


(Fist shaking!)

Some months I keep it fairly under control.

This month I've been absolutely insane.

Last night I got off work earlier than usual, before dark. Justin and I walked the dog, since it was nice out. I desperately needed some sun and fresh air. We talked about the jobs he's applying to, and what's going on in his program, and we talked about some of the towns these job prospects are located. We laughed about Monk's frantic sniffing. Then we went to the grocery store. He bought me a slice of chocolate cake (I lurve lurve lurve whoever decided to stock single slices of cake in grocery stores), and just its presence in the fridge is enough to comfort me. We had a completely unhealthy dinner, then we played scrabble and drank some beer and I laughed a lot. Tears! At nine we decided to download some ringtones on my new phone and made the horrifying and hilarious discovery that it could only download midi files. (SERIOUSLY. What? Midi? Is that really a thing anymore? This phone is almost two years newer than my old phone. And I had a wonderful Modest Mouse ringtone. COME ON.) He went to the tv theme song section and sang along to Charles in Charge and Facts of Life. It was ridiculous. It was good. He downloaded Final Countdown, which I am super excited about.

I love him.

He's pretty good, with handling the uterus crazies.

So I'm going to shower and go to work, where a crazily huge rush order is waiting for me (my boss called last night to tell me, and it didn't dampen my mood).

I'm a lucky girl.

I will feel even luckier when the crazies are over this month.

Have a good Thursday,
black sheep


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