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8:39 a.m.

Hey, you guys, I'm back.

Hey, remember that time I was on a bunch of new medications that make me super sick to my stomach, and then I had a flight to Denver that was turbulent, and I get air sick easily anyway, and then about four kids were puking all around me the entire flight? And crying? And puking? Wailing and puking? And you could smell the vomit and I seriously thought I was going to die? Nothing like waves of panic about throwing up on a plane, something like "I AM DYING I AM DYING I AM DYING" interspersed with "OH DEAR LORD THOSE POOR KIDS" interspersed with "I AM REALLY GOING TO DIE VOMIT EVERYWHERE OH WHEN WILL IT END."

That's all I have time to share right now, but I know you are super grateful I squeezed it in.

black sheeped


Blogger desperate housewife said...

Um... Thank you for that. Although actually I recognized the feeling exactly, as I was about ten weeks pregnant with Addy when we flew to Florida, and was very nauseous anyways, and then we had a turbulent landing and I was sitting there with the airsick bag to my mouth hyperventilating at the humiliation of throwing up in public but thinking I would pass out if I didn't throw up. Ugh.

8:42 PM, April 11, 2007  

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