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1) This week I lost my cell phone, while it was on silent mode. I looked for it a lot, and this morning I found it.


2) I've got some sort of glass splinter or something working it's way out of my finger, probably from the frame shop days, and this morning I put a bandaid over it. Cab was watching closely when one of the little plastic bandaid wrappers fluttered to the ground. He leaned in silently (and yet oh-so-obviously), gingerly picked it up, and slunk out of the room. I followed him to the living room, where he puts his collection of my socks, paper towels, and ponytail holders. He deposits most of his treasures on the floor, right in the center of the room.

He is not very good at hiding things, and he is not very sneaky.


Question time?

Okay! When was the last time you went to a salon/actual hair professional to get your hair cut/colored/styled? How many times were you given detention in school? And here's a very special one I thought of on Sunday, and have been saving, since Sunday: how often do you shave your legs?

I went to a salon to get a trim at the beginning of August, if I remember correctly. Or mid-August. I scheduled one for this Saturday, because my ends are starting to get ratty (correction: they started to get ratty about two months ago). I sort of dislike the salon experience, because I sort of dislike being touched/having a stranger close to my head. (Danger! Danger! Someone with pointy objects near the neck!) But also, it is sort of a luxury, to sit down and have someone just do something that makes you feel/look better.

I was a Big Fat Nerd in school, and I only got detention one time. In sixth grade. I forgot an assignment that was due in an English class, and the teacher gave me the option of taking a zero or letting me go to my locker to get it, and taking a detention. I didn't even think about it: detention was obviously way better than risking not having a 100 percent in sixth grade English. Nerd! Nerd!

I suspect sometimes I should have, you know, loosened up a bit. In school.

I thought of the last question because last Sunday, when J and I were feeling a bit frisky. I'll spare you details, but when saw/felt my legs he started laughing, because they were so hairy. And I wondered, as I have many times, how often do women really bother? Especially when it snows every day? I've never asked, but I think I can ask you guys anything. Which is awesome. I shave my legs in the winter once a week, sometimes longer. Like two weeks. In the summer, I shave every other day. I dislike the whole process a ton, and think it is a big waste of time. But I still do it.

black sheeped


Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

I try to get my hair done (cut and color) every 2 months. Otherwise my gray creeps in. I used to be an every 4 weeks religiously girl, but then I had a kid.

I don't think I ever had a detention.

In the winter I shave about once a week. In the summer every other day. I hate shaving my legs. HATE it. But my hair is thick and nappy and gross. I should do it more than I do but why???

7:58 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger heather said...

I last got my hair done on September 14th. I only remember that because it was two days before I was in a wedding! haha!
I love getting my hair done (aside from the anxiousness of whether it's going to turn out alright) because I loooove having my hair washed and dried and styled and not having to lift a finger to do it myself. Love it. If I found a stylist (and a style) that I loved and trusted and was rich, I'd have my hair done every month. I wish.

I had detention a few times in middle school. I don't even remember why. I know I got in trouble for skipping class (and forging readmit slips) in high school, but I only remember detention in middle school and I know I didn't skip classes back then. Hmmm.

I probably shave my legs once a week, sometimes two, in the winter. And only below the knee. Unless I'm feeling especially "generous" or sorry for my husband. I hate shaving my legs, but I also hate feeling them rub against each other when they've gone too long... yuck.

p.s. I do that with my phone all. the. time.

8:16 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Pickles & Dimes said...

#1 had me laughing out loud. And Cab, he is awesome.

I last got my hair done in mid-December. My next appt. is on Valentine's Day.

I don't remember if I ever got detention. I was a goody two-shoes.

Ugh. Shaving legs. Hate doing it. In the winter I try to do it 1-2 times a week. In the summer, every 2-3 days.

And is it just me, or is it impossible to shave your kneecaps without either missing the hair completely or nicking yourself hundreds of times?

8:51 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Tessie said...

This is like the Humiliation Edition! Well, maybe it's just me.

1)OVER A YEAR AGO and I am so serious. Intervention is needed

2)NEVER. Total nervous tummy goody two-shoes

3)AT LEAST a week goes by between each shave in the winter. AT LEAST.

9:00 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Ok, you have me laughing so hard this morning. I totally lost my cell phone like that one time. The last time I remembered seeing it was at my friends' house the night before. But they left for vacation the next morning (which is when I discovered it missing). I called them to see if they remembered seeing a phone. I searched my purse. I searched the car. I searched the house. In a last moment of desparation, I drove to my friends house and looked all over their yard and driveway. I retraced my steps when I left that night. I remembered looking at it before I got in the car. Then after giving up and calling the cell phone company, I found it the next day...IN MY PURSE! I feel your pain!

I haven't had my hair done since *ahem* April of last year. Uh, I think it's time for some trimming soon.

No detention for me. Nerd/goodie-two-shoes here too.

Shaving? Wow, I thought I was bad, but I'm seeing it's not as bad as I thought. In the winter I shave 2-3 times a week. In the summer I shave almost every day. Usually it's every day with a half-shave (just to above my knees) every other day.

P&D- Yes, yes, me too. I can never get my knees smooth. There is ALWAYS a few stray hairs.

9:13 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Swistle said...

Ha ha, cutie Cab!

I'm not sure when my last haircut was. Three months ago? Four? Five? It has been awhile. I don't like getting haircuts, for the same reasons you mention. Also, the money.

I never had detention. (Goody-goody.)

I shave one leg each morning, alternating. Really quick, and only up to over the knee, and usually missing vast areas.

9:32 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Shannon said...

I had my hair last cut in August.

I never had detention.

I shave....huh. I shaved for the first time in a long time when we went to California and wore a short dress. I also hate shaving. And plucking my eyebrows.

10:15 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger CAQuincy said...

Ok, I went to an honest-to-gosh-REAL salon/spa to get 12 inches of hair cut off last June--and STILL haven't mailed the pony tail to Locks for Love (it's at least in the envelope and addressed--I just gotta get to the P.O.!). Um...then I went to one of those slightly-cheaper salons last October to cut it into a different style. And I haven't been back since. I do need to go back, though, cuz my hair is growing out kinda weird, and I just can't do anything with it anymore. My average for a hair cut is about once every 3-4 months. I've been known to go 6.

Well, once in high school I got in trouble for playing cards with a gf while we were supposed to be studying for an art test. We got sent to the VP--and laughed on our way out the door. I mean--we were the nerdiest girls in school. And it was Basic Art! (We aced the test.)

I have about the same shaving record as you. Pathetic. Sometimes I wish hubs would set up a schedule for me, then I wouldn't be caught with a forest on my legs when he taps me on the shoulder.

10:21 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Melospiza said...

I love these questions! I also love that Cab, and big sneaky dogs in general.

1. Okay, I top every single one of you: the last time I darkened the doorstep of a hair-cutting establishment, I was in FOURTH GRADE.

I am currently 36.

I had 4th grade princess fantasy hair (only so very much the wrong color) until last summer, when I cut off 12 inches, by myself, and now have hair that is pleasantly long but takes me approximately one minute to comb. My life feels so wonderfully free and modern now.

2. Never.

I managed to slink under the radar with this one, so even the teacher who was bound and determined to give all of us goody two-shoes at least one detention before we graduated (for the character-building aspects? for the Experience? so we would know Failure, before we set out on our lives of blissful brilliancy? Not sure) missed me.

3. In winter, I shave once or twice a week. I would do it less except that I have not learned to tolerate the itchy, prickly, catching-on-sheets feeling of midway shaved legs. In the summer, I shave about as frequently, and wear shorts with abandon, however, so it's really a feeling-motivating thing, and not a visual motivated thing.

10:38 AM, February 01, 2008  
OpenID shannonm616 said...

Hi! My sister-in-law is a hairdresser AND we live in the same sub, so when I want a haircut I just go on down there....very convenient!

NEVER got detention because I was scared my mom would be disappointed in me.

No one ever believes me on this but I shave my legs every single morning in the shower...I can't stand when I'm in bed and my leg touches the other and it's "picky" it creeps me out...I think my husband could care less!

Have a great weekend!!!

11:41 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Shelly said...

I last got my hair cut in early December, right before our office holiday party. And I can't wait until it's time to go back, because my stylist is a totally straight, hot guy! Yum yum!

I had detention in high school for skipping school. I was very ashamed.

I shave about once a week in the winter, about 2-3 times in the summer/ spring.

11:56 AM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

I had my hair trimmed two weeks ago. I have a love/hate thing with haircuts- either I'm going religiously or I'm going randomly every six months or so. Right now I'm religious.

I had detention four times- I'm so excited; I'm the bad girl so far! Once each year of high school, always for trivial things like having too many tardies during the grading period. I wish it had been for cool stuff like TOTALLY MOUTHING OFF TO A TEACHER! Ahem.

Jim and I have a horrible sex-shaving legs thing going on. It is inevitable that whenever it's been about three days since I shaved, he's thinking it's been a while since we had a little fun. I don't think he's gotten to enjoy a freshly shaven leg in at least two months. I hate shaving. But I have, like, PUBIC hair on my legs. In the summer, I have to shave nearly every day to wear even capris without embarassment. Forget periods, I think SHAVING is a woman's curse.

1:32 PM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Jess said...

I last got my hair cut in August, I think, but it might have been November. No, I think it was August.

I never got detention.

My leg-shaving is exactly like yours. Exactly.

1:57 PM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger el-e-e said...

My last haircut was early December, I think, since I knew I'd have to be Presentable and In a Wedding and all. I, too, am going on Saturday and can't wait. I wish I could afford every 4 weeks, or even every 6. I usually wait about 2 months.

I can't remember ever having detention. NERD, also. I DID, once, get called to the principal's office (over the PA), for being naughty. (Talking too much in class, 6th grade.) Was mortifying. Nerd!

Ugh. I typically shave every couple days, but it's a quick, under-the-running-water-only shave. VERY rarely do I do the whole shaving cream thing. Shameful.

2:39 PM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger JMC said...

Damn, I don't even know why I'm answering these. And furthermore answering them honestly.

1 - I haven't had a haircut for about six months, and I SERIOUSLY need to go, but it's hard with 4 kids. I've NEVER colored my hair, though I had highlights put in a couple times about 6 years ago.

2 - Can't remember a detention, though there must have been one or two in high school. I did get suspended when I was in the 7th grade for the last day of school. My teachers sent me a perfect conduct award in the mail anyway - they loved me.

3 - Um, yeah... I'm so far the worst of the group. In the winter I shave my legs rarely. Like every 2-3 weeks. I have really fine hair that doesn't grow in very prickly, though, so it's not scratchy. TMI. Summer is 2-3 days.

8:22 PM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger Black Sheeped said...

I should have said, one winter I went a long time. Over a month. Maybe two? At any rate, the hair got long, and, um, luxurious? And the hair? After a certain point it stops being prickly and gets soft, which is simultaneously disgusting and awesome.

It's so awesome that you guys are answering these questions. I knew it was a Personal Topic of Hair, but it's so funny that we all are on similarly screw-it schedules.

9:51 PM, February 01, 2008  
Blogger PixelPi said...

Late again. Sigh.

It's been over a year since my last haircut. I'm planning to get it cut this year.

I had detention in 11th grade for drawing on my desk (in pencil) during geometry class. I had to stay behind and clean every desk in the room AND wash the boards.

I only shave my legs when I'm going to the doctor or I'm wearing something that demands no leg hair shows. I have the fine, doesn't show leg and armpit hair, so I don't bother much.

1:10 AM, February 03, 2008  
Blogger Fine For Now said...

I used to get my hair cut once a year, because I just didn't care much about my hair. These days, I have been getting it cut about every 2-3 months. I was coloring it myself, but it stopped lasting longer than a week, so I have had it colored twice in a salon. I recently just FRIED my hair trying to use hair straightening chemicals, so my stylist said I can't color it for another month. The roots, oh the roots! I hate roots showing!

I had detention one time in the sixth grade, a boy stole a note from me that had important information on it like THE NAME OF THE BOY I LIKED, and he wouldn't give it back to me so I think I shoved him? Maybe smacked him? He either shoved or smacked me back! So we both got lunch detention for a week, and my mom never found out.

I shave about once a week in the summer and winter. I like to wear jeans (yes even in HOT AS HELL florida) so, my legs don't show much. I will shave if there is a function to go to or if there is possiblility for getting frisky with the husband :) TMI

10:02 AM, February 04, 2008  
OpenID parkingathome said...

The questions! I have blog posts about them! Also, I lost my wallet, ripped apart my house and car, and found it in my bag as well!

The aftermath of the hair post
They did not have detention in my that strange? I have no idea how people were punished.
A brief thought on legs in this one but I shave seriously like every couple of months. Hubs doesn't mind, I have blonde, very thin hair on my legs.

In thinking this further, it looks like I'm pimping my blog to you. I am not, I am just so lazy that I don't want to type.

11:50 AM, April 02, 2008  

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