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Everybody Loves A Dog Photo

7:39 p.m.

I got Monk a blanket, so he won't pull the comforter off our bed in the middle of the night, because he's cold. So I won't wake up freezing and angry, only to realize the dog is all cozily snug in the sheet he stole from us at 2:30 a.m. when it's 15 degrees outside. NEVER AGAIN, JERK FACE.

So, look! Look at how cute our stupid precious angel is! (The cuteness only lasted about 3.5 minutes, before he drooled buckets of dog slime and deposited fifteen pounds of fur on the new blanket. You know, to claim it. The blanket quickly went from "cute" to "eww, get that nasty thing away from me.") Also, a photo of a cat behind a curtain. A disgruntled cat who, after begging to go outside for hours, and who ran gleefully out when I finally generously opened the door, ungratefully begged to come back in three minutes later because OH CRAP THERE IS SNOW OUT HERE. He expressed his demands to come back in by lurking creepily outside a window.

That's all I have.

black sheep


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