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4:34 p.m.

I've decided to paint As Much As Possible before February 28, for two reasons:

1. To submit to some shows (gah).
2. To explore some issues and discuss the painted and emotional results with the counselor.

I've also decided I need to pony up for bigger canvas (geez, Kara, you're such a cheap bastard), so I've got two 30 by 40's going and one 24 by 36. I'm already more excited about these paintings than I've been in several months, so. That's got to be good, right? I'll just answer myself there: yes.

It makes me wish I could be home more to paint. Work is draining the creative life out of me lately, even though in the last few weeks one customer sent me some chocolates and another sent me and my boss flowers. Both because I am nice and lovely, of course. Also probably because of the pigtails I have decided it is okay to wear to work every day. (I am so lazy.) But. But! Despite chocolate and flowers and the allowance to wear pigtails (and the occasional awkward customer hug--who knew framing was such an emotionally charged business?) I am feeling burnt out. And want to paint more. I guess I need to stop being such a sissy. By "stop being such a sissy" I mean "stop lolling/rotting on the couch every night and get up and paint for a few hours."

Of course.

In non-art news, this week it dawned on me that OH CRAP WE HAVE TO PLAN A WEDDING THAT IS ONLY FOUR MONTHS AWAY. By Thursday the extent of my preparations had been 1) buying a dress and 2) scribbling an unreadable to-do list on a scrap of paper and shoving it into my purse. Even though it's going to essentially be a super casual wedding kegger at our house (you're sooooo jealous you didn't think of that), there are still things to do. Like figure out how many wedding cupcakes I should make. And find a Justice of the Peace. And figure out what to do with the dog. And buy my sister's plane ticket. And plan that pesky honeymoon. So the last few days I've hyperventilated a few times (unnecessarily--see above for "super casual wedding kegger at our house") and today spazzily bought Justin a wedding ring online. Somehow this made me feel better. Sort of.

(I keep wanting to type Justice of the Piece.)


In other non-art and non-wedding kegger news, Justin was nominated for best grad student teacher of the year at the university, so that is super cool. We are all proud. I think it means he has to write more papers, to try to win, and he is also very busy with that whole thesis and graduation and teaching and applying for jobs thing. Everyone needs to cross their fingers for or send good vibes to him. Because he is rad and graduate school is annoying.

black sheep


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep reading it as Justin of the Peace.


8:25 PM, February 10, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

I think your wedding sounds super fun. I'm gonna find out where you are and crash! (Oh wait, in four months I'll be showing and everyone will give me evil eyes if I'm indulging in the keg...) Anyways. That's a really fun idea, so cool. I mean, cupcakes! Why didn't I think of that?

7:38 PM, February 11, 2007  

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