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12:23 p.m.

Sometimes things just don't work how you imagine.

After Justin accepted the lectureship, I called my boss from Hawaii on Thursday, to see if I could stay on at my job. I'd scheduled my last day for June 29th, but now we're not moving. She's been talking for months about how she didn't want me to leave, telling customers she couldn't let me leave. It was constant, the expression of her desire for me to stay. So. She was ecstatic. Promised we'd work it out, I could stay part-time. Gave me the job back. Although I have not been happy there, it is convenient and was a good summer compromise. Flexible and a source of income.

This morning she told me she messed up big time on Thursday. She said the store just can't afford it, that paying me hadn't been in the financial plan (we are closing another store, etc.). She said she's so sorry she already told me I could keep my job but since I already technically gave my notice earlier this summer, um, can Friday be my last day after all? She said she feels bad, that she gave me back my job and is taking it away a week later, but that it just won't work with the struggling business.

So, hey, there you have it. I guess I'm laid off.

Everything is all backward.

It's amazingly good in a way, and absolutely terrifying in another.

This last month has been fucking insane.

black sheeped


Blogger desperate housewife said...

Insane is indeed the word. Enjoy your time off to figure out what you want to do, I guess! You can get all domestic for a few weeks and play house, too, all homecooked meals and dusting in high heels instead of going off to work. Could be fun! :)

4:15 PM, June 26, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

I like desperate housewife's ideas. Make the most of it for now. It seems bad, but you'll have something work out for you. Good luck.

6:59 PM, June 26, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

Um yeah, totally fucking insane! But know what helps? Dropping the F bomb. So Fuck it. You're married. You had a beautiful wedding. You didn't really like the job anyway. Come on now, say it with me... =)

9:53 PM, June 26, 2007  
Blogger jen said...

It's a sign! Another door will open. A better door.

4:31 PM, June 27, 2007  

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