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7:23 a.m.

Do you guys ever have that falling dream, or another version of it, right after you fall asleep, so that you wake up all in a gasp and terrified? My version of that dream is that a spider is crawling either across me or on the bed or on my pillow. And I think it's my version of the falling dream because it always happens shortly after I fall asleep, and I'm always in that weird half awake/half asleep place when I have it, and it always freaks me out hardcore. I normally dream I am lying in bed when a spider scuttles across, and I sit straight up in a huge shrieky gasp, then flip on the light and look everywhere frantically for a spider, saying stupidly, "I know there is a spider. I know I saw one! I saw a spider! There was one right here!" I've had the dream so badly that I've actually leaped out of bed, from a dead sleep. Which really isn't that exciting, I guess, when I remember all my past sleepwalking escapades.

I've had those spider dreams a lot, lately. The other night I had one that was the worst yet. Because the spider was the size of my hand, and get this: its legs were tapered. Tapered!


I, of course, gasped like a mad woman, jerked out of my sleep, and turned on the light. J sleepily told me, without even hearing an explanation, that "It's not there. Kara, there's no spider there." I said, still all gaspy, "Yes there was, there was a spider, a big one, I have to check, okay?" and he mumbled amiably, "Go ahead."

I didn't find a spider and suggested that the bad cat turns into a spider every night as soon as I fall asleep, but I think he was unconscious again.

In other news, the new blog is technically up! All the emails have been awesome, keep them coming!

In other news, I got this template back. Please ignore my frantic post that it was gone, gone, gone.

In other news, training at a new job is stressful! I'm really tired! But I think I'll survive! I hope! Second day in a row in which I have worn control top hose, you guys! I'm stressed out!

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Blogger Jess said...

Thank God the template is back! I went to your blog before you posted the frantic post and saw the dots and was shocked and horrified. Also, that dream sounds HORRIBLE. AWFUL. I'm so sorry you have to keep having it.

8:17 AM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger JMC said...

My 4-year-old has a spider dream where she's at the cabin where we go on vacation and a giant spider comes in the room where she and her sister are sleeping to eat them. It's recurring, so every night she goes to bed saying, "I hope I don't have the spider dream tonight."

8:59 AM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Banana said...

I have that dream too!!
It's awful and I've been having it for years. My husband is so used to it he doesnt' even wake up anymore. What does it mean?!?

10:49 AM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Artemisia said...

Shit - I would not have encouraged you to take this job if I knew pantyhose were a requirement. Evil.

Oh, tapered?!?! Doubly evil.

I used to dream of spiders crawling over me all the time. As a result, I still sleep with the covers over my head and tucked in. I am kind of a mummy when I sleep, because then, if the spider makes a web over the blankets, it won't touch me and I can break right through it with the blankets.

11:49 AM, September 27, 2007  
Anonymous Swistle said...

1) I get the spider dreams too. Even if I'm SURE it MUST have been a dream, I still have to turn on the light and check--and even then, I don't feel totally reassured.

2) Sometimes it's a "keep discovering more and more spiders" dream instead of a "big spider on my pillow" dream.

3) Yay for new blog!

4) Yay for old template!

5) Yay for new job!

1:14 PM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

OMG. Control top pantyhose. This is much, much worse than spider dreams.

May I recommend a visit to, where the most comfortable yet controlling sorts of unmentionables are sold? They are not cheap. But I swear to you that they do the control thing (in all kinds of areas) yet it feels like going commando.

Okay, I'm embarrassing myself here. But these unmentionables are worth every penny you pay.

I cringe before your spider dreams, but not as much as I cringe before pantyhose. You can kill spiders.

2:22 PM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Flibberty said...

Can your outfits embrace the opaque tight? I find them much more appealing than panythose, which are terrible horrible things, clearly invented by a man. Two years ago I got the notion to go back to garter belt days because I could not stand the panyhose around my waist, but you know who wears garter belts these days? No one, and even fewer sell them unless used for nefarious purposes.

4:36 PM, September 27, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

Yeah! Your template isn't lost!

Dream- creepy!

Love the new sight.

Tell us more about work!

4:44 PM, September 27, 2007  

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