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12:38 p.m.

You guys are RUTHLESS. This is from the shelter website (I found a...shelter/flea market outside of town) and it is ALL YOU ARE GOING TO GET because I am SUPER BUSY and the camera batteries are DEAD and also, HELLO, I have a new DOG to YELL AT.


Sorry, just a crappy photo for now, is what I am trying to say.

She's three, spayed, registered (does that mean she's "real"? cause...she has some sort of kennel club papers), up to date on all her health stuff, housebroken, crate trained. She likes dogs and cats. Monk trips on her. She's really short and really long and weighs 61 pounds. She's very talky, very obstinate. Her interests include eating cat shit, barking, and sprawling on the floor with her legs behind her while she chews a dental toy I gave her. I'll take photos of the ridiculous hind-leg-out action soon. She's kind of wall-eyed, and I keep laughing at her because a) pointy head b) wall-eyed c) basset hound.

I don't really know what happened, but after dark I was out in a corn field at a flea market being told how to train basset hounds, and there were cats and dogs and ponies everywhere, and now we have her. It was really intense and crazy and I don't know, it was just crazy. But I like her a ton. She's not very smart, and she's stubborn, but we get along and we walk at about the same pace. She's nice and friendly and not at all what we were planning on getting.


(So does Monk.)


PS. I've named her Fred.


Blogger R.J. said...

She's great! A perfect addition to the K/J Zoo!

12:52 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

I like the Monk and Fred combo. It will keep people guessing. And hounds are so.....houndy and solid and lovable. Too bad about the cat shit. Rule #1: Brush before kissies.

12:57 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Jess said...

I love her too. In fact, I think I NEED her.

1:06 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Artemisia said...

Fred is awesome! Oh, I hope she grows out of her fascination for cat poop, though. GROSS.

I just love that Monk trips over her. Too funny!

1:09 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Shannon said...

I love Fred. I love basset hounds. They are stubborn, though!

I think there is something you can give dogs to get them to stop eating poop. I don't know, though, I could be wrong. I'm glad Monk likes her.

Some days you almost convince me we need a dog.

1:17 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

She sounds great. Fred = hilarious name! And my son and I love the photo.

2:01 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

OHHHHHHH, her eyes. Her gentle, gentle eyes.

I can just SEE Monk tripping over her! Mental picture that makes me smile.

5:29 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger jen said...


6:24 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

Thank you for not leaving us hanging any longer. Fred is lovely and I hope she and Monk are BFF. More pictures when the camera battery is undead please.

PS - A girl named Fred makes me think of Angel. Did you watch Angel?

7:52 PM, October 11, 2007  

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