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You guys are awesome. Interestingly, I've always found myself surrounded by a whole lot of INTJ's, ENTJ's, ENFJ's, and INFJ's. Even though they aren't common types. And I married an ENFJ/ENTJ. So those of you who are those types, you are here because of a creepy cosmic MEYERS BRIGGS SCHEME, and the rest of you...perhaps I am finally starting to ingratiate myself with the other types, too.

The master plan is coming together!

I can not believe I have to go to work now, and the weekend is gone, and I spent too much time working on the stupid Christmas float, and suddenly we have in-laws coming and staying the night on Saturday night, which was the opposite of what we were told, and I'm defrosting a turkey and I'm pretty sure the dogs stress my family out a lot, even though we will put them in holiday doggie jail. Work is busy, the float causes float drama, Burt's Bees discontinued ALL MY MAKE UP AND FAVORITE TONER, and I threw up twice yesterday and had death cramps all weekend, complete with a super heavy period. But my sister gets to come to Thanksgiving now!

I'm going to work!

black sheeped


Blogger Tessie said...

Okay, now that you've revealed that you're married to an ENTJ (ME TOO! Steamrollah high five!) I demand an entry on how you mesh with the traits of that type.

8:02 AM, November 19, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

Well, everything seems set for the perfect family holiday gathering....dogs in jail, hideous cramps, older generation, Christmas float dreams. And the turkey. I'm sorry. I used to do the turkey thing before I vegged out. I understand. But I am so glad I am never going to have to deal with a turkey again in my life. Be sure to share some leftovers with the dogs!

2:30 PM, November 19, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

So sorry about the crappy period, coming at the worst time ever! Breastfeeding has drawbacks, but no periods! Worth it every time.

9:41 PM, November 19, 2007  

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