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Blogging breaks are sort of refreshing.

It's true! I said it! At first I felt like an addict that would never, ever make it. But then I got some things done, and I felt a little freer, and I was all like, "WHOOO BLOGGING SPRING BREAK 2007!!!!"

But of course I can't stay away. How could I stay away?

On my weekend off, I decided randomly it was time to paint my studio floor. It was painted a dark blue gray color, and was very stained and dingy. I also decided to retouch up the white wall, and get rid of clutter. This is before:

Because I am awesome (weird) I decided to go with bright yellow. It was that, or orange, or a truly toxic green. (I get too excited about colors.) This is after:

Monday night I decided to tackle the other utility room. This room was disgusting. This room has been disgusting since we moved in, and had disgusting plumbing problems. It is where all the disgusting flood water had to go down the disgusting drain. It was dark, and sort of dungeon like, and it is obviously where we had to put the litter pans. I hated going in there, and my husband rarely goes in there because the door way tops out at about five feet four, which is about half an inch taller than me and about a foot and an inch or so shorter than him. It was pitch black and it was where I had to kill a lot of mold. And I think I saw a brown recluse in there. And the sink has never not been clogged since we moved in.

So! Friday night, because I know how to have a good time, I snaked the plumbing, and had the satisfaction of getting out a huge nasty clump of something black and tarry. I cleaned out under the sink (the previous residents left various items, including two old dirty bed pans.) (Just think about that for a minute: I found bed pans.) I've been trying to the sink white again, and painted some of the panelling. I have some before photos from before and shortly after we moved in.


Please note the classy cardboard blocking out all natural light, making this room more dungeon like and hiding NESTS of spiders (I had fun sucking up about eighteen million spider egg balls with the vacuum this weekend, as well):

What you are about to see may scar you for life. Just remember that, um, we had some flooding. And this is not so much "dirt" as "rusting dingy grossness" and in NO WAY reflects how we live. Our whole house is not this encrusted in squalor. Just this room was. And this was after I had mopped it more than once.


I totally regret that I am going to show you this:

Okay, forget what you just saw. GROSS. Take a deep breath. We're going to move on. Let's focus on the fact that there was a window under the cardboard:

The disgusting drain now:

Things are still messy, but you get the point that it is a ton better, and after I am done in there it will be MAGICAL and SUPER RAD AWESOMELY better.

Last weekend we also played with some dogs. Please note that Cab is rooting through the trash while Monk is cuddling. Hmmmmm.


Tired idiots:

These ears are pretty ridiculous, right?

Ears from the back, anyone?

I realized the cats have not been featured much lately. They are pretty much the same. The evil one is still evil, and lately she has taken to crankily sleeping on top of J's computer monitor so that her tail perfectly blocks whatever he is working on. Also, recently she projectile vomited into (and ruined) a pair of his shoes. It was very confusing, and displayed a lot of a) skill and b) sheer spite. She's evil, and will always be evil.

The dangling paw says it all:

The other cat has been the same as well--cuddling all night in a hot furry deadweight sort of way, biting us to wake us up ridiculously early, yowling constantly because obviously he is starving to death (his obesity proves it!). Also, I caught him this afternoon doing this:

The rest of the weekend was spent answering emails, messing on Etsy, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and lots of quality husband/wife time. And cleaning. And sometimes worrying that I should go blog it up, and then sighing in relief because I remembered I was on a break. And then I would feel guilty because I wanted to blog, even though I was on a break and sort of enjoying it. Complicated and stupid! And now I am irritated it's only Wednesday, yet again, and the bed was so soft and warm this morning, and everything still feels busy and chaotic.

Even with a blogging break, things stayed busy and chaotic. Things are still messy, the pets are still pretty bad, I still would like to be in bed all day, I still freaked out and took a Xanax last night, work is still busy. But! Also, the tiny rusty wheels in Cab's brain are starting to creak and turn: he has learned sit and is starting to learn the magical command "go on." He is also learning "no lick" and our daily routines. (Seriously, the best thing we ever taught Monk was GO ON. And it works. And it is wonderful.) I'm getting actual projects at work to do, I sold something on Etsy, last night I made potato soup.

And so on.

I missed you,
black sheeped


Blogger Shelly said...

Wow, that room really looks a lot better! Great job on that!

8:42 AM, November 07, 2007  
Anonymous Swistle said...

Your posts are hard to comment on because they are so RICH. So many topics! So much good stuff!

Here is what I am left with:


2) That painting, with a falling animal--it gives me a jolt. Speaking of artists.

8:47 AM, November 07, 2007  
Anonymous Swistle said...

"Speaking of artists" is not clear, and sounds weird. What I mean is that your choice of yellow for the floor marks you in my mind as an artist, and so does the strong emotional effect of that painting.

8:48 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Jess said...

Welcome back! We missed you too! Also, I agree with Swistle that I LOVE THE YELLOW FLOOR and you are so SMART for thinkign of it.

9:03 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Shannon said...

Put back the cardboard and get to screen printing!!!

No seriously, it looks GREAT and you are an amazing person for tackling that.

I like your dogs. A lot. Maybe I can talk my husband into getting a goat.

10:31 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Tessie said...

I too LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow floor!

10:40 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

The rooms look great now. And I love the yellow floor choice. You are so brave with color and I'm jealous of that.

Love those doggie ears! And it's good that he's learning commands. We adopted our dog when he was 1 1/2, and we had to teach him all sorts of things. He's still a mess, but not nearly as bad as before.

11:17 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Banana said...

It feels sooo satifying to get home projects done I love yellow too! It is the best color for brightening up a space (if you don't go crazy with it, which you most certainly did not).
Also, A bed pan? Come on people. Don't leave the nice new couple moving into your old home a bed pan.

11:56 AM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

I've been a bloggy slacker lately too, and your right- I miss it but it feels great.

I love your posts. They are so... full.

I LOVE the yellow floor. I get too excited about colors too, and the result is we often have to repaint things because I decide I hate it. But you seem to have a knack with colors.

Your pets- they crack me up!

12:59 PM, November 07, 2007  
Anonymous Pickles & Dimes said...

The floors look GREAT. What a great color choice.

And Cab's ears are the best. I love them!

3:11 PM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

Glad you're back.

Never thought I'd say this, but I love the yellow floor!!!

&, um, I think I may be in love with Cab.

3:31 PM, November 07, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

Hey! I just made potato soup too! Ahh, great minds...

4:30 PM, November 07, 2007  
Anonymous tonie said...

you are beautiful and brilliant and you shine a light and your post made me smile which i really needed
yours in xanax

6:42 PM, November 07, 2007  

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