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7:10 a.m.

Last night I made a little online shop on Etsy, which features all handmade goods. My friend crush object Siobhan turned me on to it and was very helpful and held my hand through my agony over creating a bio, and then she pimped my shop. So go visit hers, and also tell her she's pretty and smells like roses. (I am a dork and have Issues when I have to make an online profile of any sort. Although! I'm proud of myself for making my first ever banner.)

I've meant to list some of my art online to sell for the last three years, and it's nice that Etsy makes it so easy and cheap. I could use the dollars, and shudder to think of packing a ton of paintings into a Uhaul, so, um. Maybe I'll sell a few things? Maybe not? Maybe I'll end up finding six thousand things I want instead. It's fun, at any rate, and Etsy is addictive. Lots of cute stuff there. TONS of cute stuff there. I saw some adorable owl-shaped purses for little girls and some handmade catnip toys and dog clothes and lots of beautiful jewelry. Knitting and photos and leather goods and clothes and greeting cards and art galore. All handmade! It's a good way to waste an evening.

Go check it out!


black sheeped


Blogger Swistle said...

I love Etsy! And it was really fun to see some of your art! My favorite two were "Convening Place" and "Bedroom at South Mine La Motte." Also: great banner!

9:42 AM, April 25, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

Oh, I liked the self-portrait a lot! I wish I were cool and artsy enough to do one. Although... Maybe not: A self portrait of me right now (unshowered, no makeup, elastic waist pants, bags under eyes) would not be something anyone would want to admire, much less hang up in their home.

12:09 PM, April 25, 2007  

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