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Pets decide it's time to sleep in + it's cold + you have a cold + you have a six o'clock meeting tonight out of town, plus many things due before that + it's Monday morning + your husband has to go back to teaching today, poor guy + HOW IS IT SIX O'CLOCK, ALREADY = the bed feels more soft, warm, comfortable, and cozy than it ever has in your life. It feels better than it will ever feel again, probably. The comfort is indescribable, in fact, and it is a shame, a real crying shame of epic proportions, that you have to get up.

I'd also like to share with you that I got desperate enough last night to try to find a bra at Assmart so I could wear a bra to work today, and the only three bras I could find in a 34D (I found none in 32D, and about eight million in 40D) had the following patterns, because they were in the preteen section:

A) Butterflies, turtles, palm trees, stars, and flowers, in hot pink
B) Hot pink cherries on a lime green background
C) CUPCAKES on a hot pink background

I sucked it up and bought the first.

black sheeped


Blogger Jess said...

I had no idea that there were preteens in 34D bras. Also, personally I think I would have gone for the cupcakes.

8:18 AM, January 14, 2008  
Anonymous Swistle said...

Hm. I would kind of like the cherries and the cupcakes, except that they would show through my shirts.

Also, it is so unfair that the bed is SO SCRUMPTIOUS in the morning, when it does not feel that way at bedtime.

8:51 AM, January 14, 2008  
Blogger Shelly said...

For good bras, I recommend Belks. I went just before Christmas and found three in my size that fit great. So that was my Christmas gift to myself. Because it was highly unlikely that anyone else was going to buy me bras that fit! Ha!

9:52 AM, January 14, 2008  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

Mmm, we have an ancient waterbed which we both adore, and in the mornings, when it is cold and the bed is like a giant hot water bottle wrapped around me... Well, getting up is never fun. I hate all morning people.

2:08 PM, January 14, 2008  
Blogger PixelPi said...

I'd have gone with the cupcakes myself, too. But if you think finding a 34D is hard, try finding a 44B. Sob.

11:37 PM, January 14, 2008  
Blogger Black Sheeped said...

I should have clarified that they were very very ugly cupcakes--not even cute, or ugly in a cute way. Sort of like someone tried to make realistic cupcakes but failed, just a little bit.


Pixel--bras are weird, aren't they? Do these Spanx bras provide, um, control when you are, say, freezing?

7:26 AM, January 15, 2008  

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