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5:53 p.m.

My man graduated with his MFA this weekend. Lots of graduationy events, complete with visiting future parents-in-law, award dinners (he's fancy), and snow, snow, and snow.

He is handsome:

Me, during the graduation ceremony:

Afterwards. I'm wearing high heeled boots (don't I look tall?) (plus, my boobs are now too big to allow me to button this jacket--UNFAIR), and he is wearing his hood with his suit (sort of like Harry Potter). We're both super hot.

Look at this fancy graduated man:

Look one more time. Proud! Shit crazy proud!

Next step, next phase. Things still aren't entirely clear about the future, but we're moving forward. We'll be married in six short weeks and moving away, onward. I feel confident and secure and peaceful.

Here we go.

black sheeped


Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats Justin! What a great accomplishment. This is a huge step in life for both of you. How nice that you could share it together. Great pictures by the way.

8:27 PM, May 06, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

"We're both super hot." Indeed! And way to be all educated and smarty-pants and still handsome, Justin! Good for you.

8:26 AM, May 08, 2007  

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