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6:16 a.m.

Now that is less than one month until Justin and I get m-a-r-r-i-e-d, I feel it is time to go ahead and maybe think about ordering food/figuring out how much booze will be necessary/talking about the honeymoon constantly. I'm sort of shocked it's almost here. We've been engaged over a year, and it often felt like this spring was sooooo far away. And now it's nearly here! It's exciting and I'm glad.

Other people feel the closeness, too, because even though we have emphasized repeatedly to everyone that this is not a wedding-y wedding, this is not a big wedding thing! in the last week people have drilled me constantly about The Wedding Plans, and how the wedding planning is going, and what about those wedding plans? I don't really understand this, because under normal circumstances (I am so bitchy) I do not beg near strangers to hear about wedding plans.

We even felt pressure to add more than five items to the Target registry, although I'm pretty sure almost no one is aware we have a Target registry. This led to the the great dinnerware debate of 2007, when I discovered Justin's very selective plate opinions. I liked about fifty million of them, he did not.

Good times! Remember when I talked about plates and wedding registries on my blog? You guys LURVED it.

My subconscious has also decided it's time to go into party planning mode, and the last few nights have featured fun dreams about it. Like a dream where it rained a ton (which could happen). Last night I dreamed that Justin and I forgot to attend both the night-before-picnic AND our own wedding, because we were hanging out at Kmart and then the English building on campus. We felt really bad about the judge showing up and no one was there to wed, and I called her and cried into the phone, apologizing and apologizing that we had forgotten to attend our wedding. We got married at some point, and then later found out it didn't count because we forgot to get the marriage license.

This wedding party/kegger has sort of spiralled out of control. We originally thought it would be 30 people, 40 tops. Which was ideal for our back yard. We invited more than that, of course. We invited friends and family, but when you invite, everyone swears only half the invited will come. And you know, we just assumed that many people wouldn't be able to come all the way out to Wyoming. You know. Normal invite stuff. We live in Wyoming.


But. We're up to around 70 people who say they are definitely coming.

I think.

They could be all lying.

But if they say they are coming, I must have cupcakes ready!

I'm asking for your advice. Begging! Do you think most people will eat two cupcakes? Three? Zero? And are 30 chairs enough for a wedding kegger? Surely people will be moving around during most of it, right? Because I rented 30. I can't deal with more chair renting, it was a huge hassle as it was. As they have to be delivered from Cheyenne. And is having this registry stupid? Because I can't tell. And why do some people keep asking if they need to wear, you know, evening dresses, while other people ask if it's okay to wear jeans? What is the proper response? Why do people look confused and put out when I suggest that most people probably will not wear jeans? Is it because we are in Wyoming? Or are flip flops and jeans appropriate for outdoor lawn weddings? Did I not get the memo about this? And no, I don't want to make a website about the wedding. No!

But hey! Isn't that exciting? All these people wanting to celebrate with us? And these are mostly just Justin's family and our Wyoming friends. My sister is coming out, and my two best friends from college, who I haven't seen in four years. But other than that, these are Wyoming and Justin folks. In July we're going to see my family and have a celebration there with my aunts and uncles and cousins and mom and dad and whatnot.

Four short weeks away!

I'm worried about money (medical expenses are absolutely killing me), and I'm worried that United will cancel our honeymoon flights AGAIN, and I'm sort of worried that people will be disappointed when they realize we're just having this five minute civil ceremony and then cupcakes and beer. (Although we have been completely open about this fact.)

But I'm so happy we're going to see everyone, and I think it's going to be super fun. And of course, I'm happy I'm marrying Justin. I feel very peaceful about that part. That little getting married part.

black sheeped

PS. The grass? The grass is looking AWESOME. In case you guys were worried about our dirt patches, which you totally weren't. But the lawn is looking pretty amazing.


Blogger Swistle said...

O I have many things to say. Because as you know I love weddings. And if we saw each other in person I would totally be demanding updates on your wedding plans every time I saw you.

I think--THINK--that 30 chairs would be enough. Because I think most people will stand and mill around. And then it's nice to have chairs for those who get tired, or for those who are older, or those whose feet are killing them--but it seems like 30 is a good estimate of how many people will fall into that category. And if it is not enough, I don't think it will be sad. I think it will be fine.

Having a registry is great. I personally love when people register, because I am nosy and like to peer at their stuff. And I love to choose gifts from a registry, because it is fun and because then I still feel like I'M choosing, but with the guarantee that the recipients will like it. Win-win! And even if I don't want to buy something from the registry for whatever reason, the registry gives me an idea of the type of things the couple likes.

The clothes thing is a little weird. I suppose people are thrown by the combination of WEDDING (dressy clothes) and KEGGER (jeans). Well, if someone asked me if they could wear jeans, I think I would say: "*confused look, with pause* ...To the wedding? Oh! No, I think everyone's wearing regular wedding clothes--you know, pretty dress, suit, like that." I would refrain from adding "you bonehead."

My brother and my sister-in-law had a cupcake cake when they got married. I've emailed them to ask how many cupcakes, and I'll leave another comment when they answer.

12:18 PM, May 19, 2007  
Blogger Swistle said...

Okay! I am back! Here is what my brother said: "One per person. And we had extra, like plenty extra. Sure, some people eat two. But many more people don't eat even one. So one per person is plenty."

I myself would probably err on the side of extra cupcakes--not a ton of extra, but some--because I love cupcakes and would want to eat two myself. If they were good cupcakes.

3:41 PM, May 19, 2007  
Blogger desperate housewife said...

Yeah, I second Swistle: No need to go crazy with the cupcakes. Especially since there will also be beer. Lots of people, especially guys, totally skip foofy things like cake, preferring heartier and more alcoholic fare. I would say one per person is plenty, and maybe throw in ten or twenty extra just in case of those non-RSVP'd people showing up.

9:03 PM, May 19, 2007  

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