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I know I rarely have time right now to go to your blogs and comment, or respond to each of your comments on mine, but I want each and every one of you to know that your nice comments, like yesterday's, always mean so much to me. They really brighten my days, and I'm appreciative and grateful for every kind word you leave. I mean it. Thank you.

Enough of that mushy stuff, because I'm getting all emotional now. Damn you and your niceness!

Hey, it's Friday! It doesn't feel like Friday, since this is my six day work week, but the calendar tells me it is Friday and I'm wearing jeans for jeans-Friday, so it must be...Friday. You know what that means! Tell me about the socks you are wearing right now, and about the worst bike wreck you ever had as a kid, if you rode bikes. Also, tell me what you do with paper napkins when you are sitting at a table at a social event.

I'll go first: I am wearing clearance Kmart socks. They are black and blue with red toes, and have white snowflakes, and around the ankle there are snowmen with sparkly red hats. My worst bike wreck involved me sliding down a large hill, with my bike on top of me, when I was around 7 or 8. I'm not sure what caused the wipe out, or how I slid down the hot asphalt, but it left huge bleeding cuts and scrapes up and down my entire leg and arm. Also, the always delightful implanted gravel in the knee. It was weird, and I remember having to walk my bike back home, likely snivelling like a little baby the whole way.

And I always end up tearing napkins into tiny little pieces, and then arranging the torn up bits into piles on the table, if the social event is really going long. I also rip off beer labels and tear them up into tiny shreds.

black sheeped


Blogger Jess said...

I'm wearing jeans today too! I love casual Friday. Also, we have flexible work weeks which means half the office is out some Fridays, like this one, which makes it very peaceful.

For your questions: I'm wearing thick pink socks with snowflakes on the ankles from the Gap. My worst bike wreck was when I was six--I skidded on some loose gravel while turning a corner in a race with my sister, fell off, and had a piece of gravel go up my nose. I don't really do anything with paper napkins at social events, except maybe wipe my hands on them if necessary.

Have a great weekend!

7:55 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, thanks, we know you love us. :)

Yeah, Friday!

Socks- I have some plain, black Hanes socks on right now and I'm wearing warm slippers. My plan was to wear my red snowman socks (complete with googlie eyes), but I thought we may go outside later and I don't want to get them dirty before tonight. So I'll put them on later.
Bike wreck- I can't say. I don't remember wrecking it much. I used to ride it on snow and ice to deliver newspapers, though. Also my sister once "clothes-lined" herself on a mailbox whilei riding a bike. It was hilarious. My other sister and I were behind her and saw it coming. We told her to stop...honest!
Napkins- Just get crumpled and thrown back on the table normally (when I can't keep it in my lap).

Have a great weekend!

9:05 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Pickles & Dimes said...

Yay for it finally being Friday!

I am wearing some new white socks I just bought at Target in a fit of desperation, since all my other "white" socks were more of a dingy yellow color. Do people bleach socks anymore? I have never used bleach and it frightens me.

My bike wreck: we lived at the bottom of a long gravel driveway and one day I raced down it as fast as I could, only to discover my long, pink braided-yarn shoelace had wrapped around the pedal so I couldn't stop. I essentially tipped over going top speed and skidded to the bottom. Not good.

I'm OK with paper napkins. I put them on my lap for use during the meal, and then put them on the plate when I'm done.

9:21 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

I'm wearing plain old boring Champion ankle socks from Target: white everywhere but the toes and heels, which are gray.

Probably the worst bike wreck I had occurred around age 13 or so. It was the time I ran a yield sign while racing my foster sister (I still maintain that there was a freakin' bush covering most of the sign) and hit the back tire of a car. That was moving. I can still remember seeing the car and slamming on my handbrakes and watching my front tire hit the car's tire.

The collistion twisted my tire around in the bike so that it was turned totally sideways, but didn't break anything, and of course I fell over and skidded across the asphalt.

I still feel bad for the poor man driving the car. He got out and ran over to make sure I was okay, and then I wouldn't even let him give us a ride home because you just don't get into cars with strangers, even if your bike is busted and your knee is bleeding.

I count it as the worst one because I probably could've been killed or horribly injured, if I'd hit that intersection a few moments sooner (and been hit head-on), or fallen under the car, or flown over the handlebars onto my head (no helmet). Yeah, I was a spaz. A lucky, lucky spaz.

Paper napkins? I just make sure I have at least one ready in case I spill food on myself, like the spaz I already proved I am ;)

9:37 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

And I can spell "collision," dammit. I promise. :P

9:39 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Artemisia said...

I love you, Miss Black Sheeped. Hang in there.

I am not wearing holiday appropriate socks. I have Halloween socks on today! They are really, really soft. They are dark gray, with black bats on them with yellow eyes. Halloween!

Worst bike wreck: just down the hill from my house where there was always a ridiculous amount of gravel on the paved road. I was going down hill and hit my brakes hard to avoid a car coming around the corner and - splat! All over the road. You can still see the scar on my knee; it covers the whole knee. Yuck.

Paper napkins? I keep in neating across my lap. When whatever event gets too boring or long, I find my self straightening and re-straightening the damn napkin (hello, OCD!). I rip up beer labels, too!

11:14 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Flibberty said...

I'm wearing tights, black ones that are too short for me so they're driving me all together insane.

I routinely skidded in gravel and fell off my bike, but never more than a scraped up knee and possibly hand.

I place any and all napkin neatly on my lap, and there it stays until I invariable drop it on the floor. I cannot be trusted with napkins, nor forks.

11:55 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Mary said...

i am wearing white socks..not very fun. I wish we had jeans Fridays!
My worst bike wreck happened when I was about 14 and it wasn't really terrible, just some bad scrapes, but it was bad because for no real reason I just sort of fell over. And my friends saw and i didn't live that down for awhile. and paper napkins are usually used to clean up some sort of mess i make, like knocking over my glass or something.
You think i'm clumsy?

11:56 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger SaLy said...

YAY! I also have my Friday jeans on!

I have grey checkered socks with green frogs and pink lily pads on. My worst bike wreck, I was about 12 was riding in the street and a car sped around the corner and scared me. I swerved, hit a rock and flipped over the handlebars. Still have the scar on my knee. I poke holes in the napkins with my thumb, over and over until I'm left with a messy doily.

1:21 PM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger el-e-e said...

My socks are pink with gray polka-dots from the Gap -- a gift from my Bro-in-law 3 years ago. I think it was his first gift to me -- this set of cute socks. His mother probably bought it, but I was still touched. They are underneath ankle boots, underneath jeans.

My worst bike wreck. Hm. I can't remember that far back, actually. I don't remember any serious ones, myself, but my sister crashed into the brick wall once, and ripped off an entire fingernail.

(Sorry for that image, everyone. Ow.)

At parties I hang onto a cocktail napkin all night, like it's the only one I'll be allowed to have. I usually square up the crumbs and fold them all inside, then stick it in my pocket for safekeeping. I must be weird, yes? (If there's a visible garbage can, sometimes I'll throw it away.)

1:48 PM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Be Inspired Always said...

I'm wearing warm comfortable socks from VS (victoria's secret). I love their socks.

Worst bike wreck.. hmmmmm. I remember just learning how to try and bike and braking to hard the first time and flinging myself over the handlebars and falling into a mud puddle.

Napkins? What's that. I don't think I use them much, but we do use paper plates often.


3:38 PM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger aurantifolia said...

socks: plain ol' white Hanes socks with grey heels and toes, pink (why?) stitching.

bike wreck: honestly, I can't remember. I know I must have crashed it plenty, but nothing that stands out for me.

paper napkins: what I *should* do is tuck them in like a bib. It's not a meal until I've spilled on myself. :/

3:58 PM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

Gee, I missed Friday altogether (busy day).

Yesterday I wore plain yellow socks. No cats. No snowmen.

Worst bike accident was skidding around a corner on a gravel road (duh) and falling off, shoving gravel up into a flap of skin on the palm of my hand. At the ER, they did not numb the area, but they scrubbed the heck out of it with soap and then picked out the gravel piece by piece. Then they stitched it up. Then the gave me a bandage that looked like a white Rocky boxing glove. I want to bite the nurse with the scrub brush.

Paper napkin in lap if indoors. When done, I tuck it under the plate edge. If outdoors, napkin is tucked under leg to keep it in place.

4:46 AM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger Black Sheeped said...

Man, now I feel like a napkin freak. All you "normal" napkin users. Except for el-e-e, maybe, because you PUT CRUMBS IN YOUR POCKET. I read that last night, and I read it again this morning, and it's still making me laugh. :)

7:26 AM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger Marie Green said...

I'm wearing fuzzy and soft wool sock- they are black, gray, and white striped (from Eddie Bauer, I think). My worst bike accident happened when my little brother turned his bike right in front of mine and I nailed him and totally flipped. My knees were cut very very deep and I had blood all the way down both legs by the time we got home (we were maybe 4 houses away from ours). I don't know about napkins, but I totally do the beer label thing too. I try to get every little bit off the bottle...

Happy Friday (Oops, now it's Saturday.)!

7:30 AM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger Swistle said...

Let's see, YESTERDAY I was wearing boring blue cotton socks. TODAY I am wearing boring white cotton socks.

The worst bike wreck, I was flying down a hill and hit a stone or something, and then I continued down bikeless, removing a LOT of skin from both knees and an elbow, and in fact I had scarring for years that finally faded. The mother of one of my brother's friends happened to be driving by and gave me a lift home, and to this day I'm worried I got blood on her car, because I don't remember giving her upholstery a single thought at the time.

I put napkins in my lap.

4:33 PM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger Swistle said...

Meant to continue: ..."Then I forget about it, and when I stand up it drops to the floor, and I wonder if I should rummage under the table for it or just let it stay there."

4:36 PM, December 08, 2007  
Blogger CAQuincy said...

Er, um, let's see, TWO DAYS AGO I was wearing Hanes anklet socks (pick heels and toes), and my slippers (with big Hello Kitty heads).

The worst bike wreck that I still remember to this day was when I was about 5 and just learning (had training wheels on, people!) and was riding along the side of the road with my Dad and brother. I apparently turned too sharp (on a STRAIGHT ROAD, folks!) and tipped into the ditch. Got a whole in my head which the doctor patched up with a butterfly bandaid.

But here's the thing--after that I was mortally terrified of learning to ride a bike. It took me two more years to learn (and get the training wheels off) and even after THAT I wasn't that comfortable with it. SO....20 years later when hubby and I (then not-marrieds) took a trip to Mackinaw Island--and rented bikes--I was STILL not confident enough to ride the darn thing. We went dow a REALLY, REALLY steep hill. Speed built up, I couldn't slow down, was afraid to put on the brakes as I was scared I would dump myself over the handles, and I FLEW down the hill, making a wailing sound like an ambulance all the way. I managed to NOT wreck, but my hubby will NEVER let me live it down TO THIS DAY.


Guess I'm a boring napkin person, too. Sometimes I do fold them into interesting shapes, but I gotta be REALLY bored for that.

9:30 AM, December 09, 2007  

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