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9:28 a.m.

How about some random photos from the past week or two? Yes?


We went to a Rockies/Royals game, and were very well behaved. Someone still yelled at us to go back to Kansas City, though, after the game went into extra innings and the Royals got the lead.

I was very amused by this Rockies employee. During the game, winds blew up with some rain, and this caused a fair amount of stadium trash to float out onto the field. This chubby but surprisingly fast little guy made valient attempts to capture the flying garbage between plays.

Run run run!

Here is a crappy photo, but I think you can see the pure evil oozing out of the fur (Or, Mini Godzilla):

Rainbow (or, The Opposite of the Previous Photo):

I'll write more when the sun isn't enticing me so.

black sheeped


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