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We got some ice.

We were only without electricity for around 36 hours, which is pretty good considering many people will be without it for five days. Last night we wore lots of clothing and went to bed early with our flashlights, all camping style, trying to ignore the fact that there were power lines on the ground in our neighbor's back yard and that we had heard people actually complaining that their CABLE had gone out, when THE NURSING HOME'S GENERATORS WERE GOING OUT. I also felt confused by people who complained because their wood stoves did not keep them warm enough, when many people have no wood stoves at all.

It was an inch or so of ice, all in all, after some snow. Tree branches fell on power lines and ripped them down. I went to work, because work was a) heated and b) one of the few open businesses. The dogs skittered on the ice and fell while trying to squat to poop. My husband spent much of yesterday morning helping out our elderly lady neighbors.

The ice is sharp.

I've got a few photos, mostly of our neighbor's tree. The branches that fell ripped power lines down, bending the poles and tearing some siding off her house.

Our front yard tree:


The reason we didn't have power (if you look closely you can see the lines pulled down):

This is me tonight, standing on four or five inches of snow, not sinking because of the ice crust:

So, I'm back now and am feeling very happy/grateful because a) I am warm and b) I am not cold. Last night the cats failed to help keep us warm because they were too busy secretly snuggling on a couch (they fight by day and cuddle by night, apparently). We let the dogs sleep on our bedroom floor to help keep the room warmer with their doggy-heat. They thanked us by making disgusting mouth sounds all night, licking and chewing and smacking their horrible dog lips, for hours, HOURS, even though we kept yelling "SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP." They were not scared; they are not scared when we tell them we are going to cook them into a stew. Cab got up at midnight and barked/howled a lot, while taking a chewy slobbery mouth sound break.

Also, we had to take them out at two.

The pets were worthless at keeping us warm/sane, is what I am trying to tell you.

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Blogger Jess said...

We were without power in an ice storm during the so-called "Blizzard of '96," and it simultaneously sucked and was awesome. The pets made all the difference. I'm glad that you're warm and that you have your power back.

9:57 PM, December 12, 2007  
Blogger Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, glad to hear you're ok there. We had a bad icestorm like that. It knocked out power to probably 90% of the county. We were part of the lucky 10% that kept power the whole time. Some people didn't have it for 5-7 days (and a few really unlucky ones even longer).

I now remember why we've never let our dog sleep in our room. :) LOL. Too annoying.

10:42 PM, December 12, 2007  
Blogger PixelPi said...

Well, I would have been away all night listening to the dog lips and for the sounds of falling ice-covered trees. You got ICE. We got some minor slick stuff. You could make it to the mailbox and back. Glad all is better.

When I was reading your post half-asleep this morning, I read this sentence this way: The husband skittered on the ice and fell while trying to squat to poop. That's because the word 'husband' was right underneath the word 'dogs', and I have morning dyslexia.

I am so sorry that my brain doesn't work early in the morning, and even more embarrassed that I told you.

6:47 AM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Shelly Overlook said...

Am I the only one that your blog looks funny to today? The sheep are going through the words and the format is just funky. Maybe it's just me.

So I miss winter but I definitely don't miss the ice. Although there is something really beautiful about how a tree looks covered in an inch of ice. & the sound of trees cracking under the weight - now that's a good time! Glad you're okay.

6:48 AM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Black Sheeped said...

Shelly Overlook--Blogger is killing my soul lately. My formatting is all screwy here and at the other blog. Is anyone else having problems?

7:27 AM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Swistle said...

Oh, man. And also: cute boots.

Blogger must be making changes because I keep encountering Issues--which often go away after a few days.

12:07 PM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Penny said...

okay, the elderly and others without any heat sucks but the pet stories: bwaaa! We yell at our cats to shut the hell up every morning, when they wake us up with purring and meowing and general cat racket, and still they do not listen. Ears are just wasted on pets.

1:19 PM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Artemisia said...

I just love the image of cute, bearded J. helping out the neighbor ladies.

You guys are too sweet.

You are good people!!

I miss you guys sooooo much.

4:05 PM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger Fine For Now said...

Sounds like it is pretty bad, glad you guys are warm. Not to rub it in, but it will be a balmy 85 degrees in Florida today and does not feel like Christmas at all.

7:43 AM, December 14, 2007  

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